Engineering Salary Survey 2022

The ultimate guide to mechanical engineer salaries, manufacturing engineer salaries and engineering pay trends in 2022.

Engineering Salary Survey 2022

Our annual Engineering Salary Survey is the result of extensive research and analysis from Heat’s expert team. We’ve brought salary data from all across the UK together in one place to create an easy-to-use, essential resource for both candidates and employers.

For candidates, the Engineering Salary Survey will act as a means to benchmark your salary against the average for your area, negotiate a pay rise or discover what other opportunities are available within other regions or roles.

Our report is equally as useful for employers, who can use it to ensure they’re offering competitive salaries to current and prospective staff. Our report can help you to enhance employee satisfaction and ensure you attract and retain the best candidates.

The Engineering Salary Survey compares salary data for a range of engineering roles across different areas of the UK. Our expert team has then analysed the data and added valuable insights into what’s impacting industry salaries and what engineering professionals can expect.

    Download the Engineering Salary Report to view average quality engineer salaries, mechanical engineer salaries and more.