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About Heat

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Our Vision

We Aim To Deliver the Best Recruitment Experience in the World…

We are a proud, dedicated and passionate Recruitment Agency in Bristol. The main sectors we specialise in are Engineering, Financial Services, General Insurance, Digital & Technology, Legal and HR.


We have been recruiting in Bristol since 2005, which has allowed us the time and experience to develop our own unique style of recruitment we like to call ‘The Art Of Recruitment’. This style has expanded and grown our knowledge to make a positive impact on candidates and help them to achieve their goals.


As a Bristol-based recruitment agency, we have learned a few things over the years, the most important being that industries are constantly expanding and developing, with new jobs and opportunities that equip new candidates with new ways of thinking to revolutionise your business.

Our Core Values


Creating collaborative partnerships with colleagues, candidates and clients is key to our long-term success, and integral in delivering the outstanding service we seek to provide everyone we work with.



Our Core Values


We are passionate about what we do, the way we do it and the service we provide. This passion drives us to work hard and persevere on behalf for our candidates and clients, and achieve the ambitious goals we set ourselves.


Our Core Values


We strive to ‘do the right thing’, by being honest and open with each other to build trust and better relationships.




Our Core Values


We are in pursuit of excellence in everything we do. This drives a culture of accountability, personal development and continuous improvement throughout every element of the organisation.



Our Core Values


We aim to provide an environment that allows people to leave outside troubles at the door and enjoy working at Heat Recruitment.  Having fun helps manage and overcome the challenges you face in recruitment, develop better partnerships, and creates a more positive working environment for all.



We provide an efficient and effective recruitment system for our clients by analysing and identifying candidates with the right skills and experience to fill the gaps in your organisation. 


Our recruiters are highly skilled with years of experience in various industries, allowing them to use this insight to make the correct decisions time and time again, making us one of the top recruitment agencies in Bristol.


We recruit quality candidates in Bristol & across the country to make sure we find the right match for your organisation. We then support those quality individuals who will make a positive impact on your organisation.


We understand the needs, motivation and drive that every candidate possesses. Our skilled recruiters not only have years of experience in the recruitment industry but years of experience of being candidates themselves. We recognise the challenges faced by candidates and will support you in every step throughout the application and interview process.


We aim to be the Best Recruitment Agency within the Specialist Markets that we work within.