Pathways for Growth

At Heat, we view learning as an output rather than training as an input.

Instead of just equipping you with the tools and training you require to complete your role, we encourage training in courses that will support your general development and wellbeing, such as courses in stress management, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, building self-confidence and developing creativity.

You will be equipped with access to formal training, online learning, experiential learning, mentoring, coaching and regular 360 feedback, and all Heat employees are given an hour per week for the purpose of training. Your manager will work with you to create a personal development plan so that you can achieve your career goals and build on your skills, and this will be regularly reviewed and updated as your ambitions develop. All employees also have the opportunity to get involved in exciting business-wide projects that sit outside their normal everyday role, giving them a greater sense of how the business is developing.

Dave Dewey

Managing Director

Career Paths & Progression

At Heat, your pathway to progression is clear.

We focus on developing our staff so that they can achieve their goals and ambitions and become the best they can be. In fact, 5 of our current directors actually started with us as trainees.

There are set development goals for you to achieve in order to progress to a new role, personal mentoring, 2 different career pathways to choose from depending on your personal ambitions, the exact same targets to hit for everyone to get there and an individual career path which means no competing with colleagues.

graph showing the recruitment path from entry to consultant

Entry level roles

The associate position is the starting point for a career in recruitment which will lay the foundations for a successful career in either the Recruitment Consultant or Delivery Consultant route.

Through a comprehensive induction, mentoring support and on-the-job training, we will help you to learn the core elements of the recruitment process, how to build your market, as well as the key behaviours needed to become successful recruiter including customer service, sales, and phone skills. You will learn how to build ongoing relationships and successfully place candidates into roles.

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Recruitment Consultants

At Recruitment Consultant level you go on to start building your reputation within the market as a true specialist within your defined vertical, developing strong client and candidate relationships and learning how to influence at each stage of the recruitment process.

Upon moving up to senior, you will have an established portfolio of key clients who come to you for their recruitment needs, and the flow of job opportunities being generated becomes more evenly balanced between inbound and outbound activity. During this phase, you will learn how to leverage your candidate and client relationships to increase the volume of opportunities, as well as starting to explore alternative recruitment solutions that can help the client scale and maximise potential sales revenue.

Once you make the next move up to Principal, the overall flow of job opportunities becomes more weighted towards inbound sales activity, and you will be working with candidates at a more senior level. Principal Consultant is a gateway role whereby you can start deciding which direction you would like to take your career next, be that people management or sales focused.

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infographic showing the recruitment consultant path

infographic showing the delivery consultant path

Delivery Consultant

As a Delivery Consultant, you will put all of the training you have received into play and build a network of candidates, whilst also developing your industry knowledge. You will learn to deal with rejection, success, difficult conversations, and celebrations with people from all walks of life and source quality candidates using the resources we have available.

The next move up is into senior delivery consultant, where you have built a strong reputation within your industry and established a high level of trust and rapport amongst your portfolio of candidates. Then, as a Principal Delivery Consultant, you will be working with a range of candidates at different levels of seniority and will have a very good idea of clients in the area in which they will be suitable for. You will work closely with the industry team and liaise with both the internal team and the candidates to provide the best opportunities to your portfolio of candidates. You may get involved in projects that help towards the business needs internally and develop your skills even further to progress on the career path.

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Once you reach Principal level, you will have the opportunity to decide which route you’d like your career to take. At Heat, there are 2 options available for you: People Management or Client Focused.

For those that decide to go down the People Management route, your goal will switch to work towards becoming a Managing Consultant. Your focus will change from concentrating solely on your own billings to building a team around you within a given geographical area and/or vertical and helping them achieve their goals while still working on achieving your own personal billings target.

This is a tough and demanding role, and you will be financially rewarded for both your teams and your own billing success. You will be given the full support and training to help you become a successful manager running your own team within the business. As you develop and your team grows, and when you are ready, you will start managing managers who are growing their own teams, and begin your journey to work towards becoming a director.

If management isn’t for you, and you love working towards your own personal targets and goals, then the client focused route is for you. Your journey to becoming an Executive Consultant now begins: this role is fully client and candidate focused, with no employee management.

infographic showing the paths after becoming principle recruitment consultant

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