Our Candidate Process

We know the journey to finding a new role can be difficult and stressful, so we have set out a transparent process that makes the most of our consultants' expertise to find you a long-term role that ticks all the boxes.

Why work with Heat?

In a highly saturated and competitive jobs market out there, and it’s easy to get lost in the noise. The market is highly competitive, and it’s all too easy to become overwhelmed. We’re here to offer a solution: by working exclusively with a Heat consultant, we can reduce stress, time, and effort in your job search. Here are the main factors that let us do this:

Our relationships with our clients

We are proud to have established long-term partnerships with prestigious clients in the sectors we operate in, based on mutual trust and communication. By working with a Heat consultant, you will be able to take full advantage of these pre-existing relationships and be first in line for new positions. To this end, we will also have the opportunity to introduce you to clients that may not even have advertised their roles on the market as of yet.

One dedicated point of contact

Throughout the process, you will have a dedicated point of contact who will be able to advise you and keep you fully informed. They will be able to offer you enhanced insights into particular client requirements and preferences and will be on-hand to coach and support you with all aspects throughout.

Specialist market knowledge

Working with a recruiter means you have access to a wealth of information about the market, including the trends and insights tailored to your specialty and region, as observed by our consultants who are operating in the hiring market every day; your consultant can share this extra level of detail and knowledge with you in order to inform your decisions.

86 %
Of candidates agreed or strongly agreed that "The service received was superior to other agencies."
Active Talent Pool: we have an extensive database of quality candidates across all of our specialist divisions.
30 +
Awards won across our divisions.
Active clients: we have a portfolio of clients who we have built long-lasting and trusted partnerships with.
2 Weeks
Is the average time from initial call to offer.
98 %
Of candidates are retained by employers after placement.

What does our candidate process look like?

Our 9 step processs…

Even if you aren’t the right match for a certain role, you will always be able to reach out for a discussion with our consultants to discuss other positions and the market in general; if we have your CV and an understanding of your requirements, we will be in touch when we have the right role for you.

1. Qualification

Our first step is the qualification of where exactly you are in your job search. This will involve a relatively comprehensive evaluation of your circumstances, how quickly you need to go to market and to understand what exactly you are looking for.

2. Sending out your profile

At this next stage, your dedicated consultant will begin putting you forward for roles that are the right fit, as well as proactively selling you to clients who may not have an active role available; this will allow your professional profile to be considered on a much wider and greater scale than simply applications to open vacancies.

3. Check-in

At week 1, your consultant will check in on any CV feedback that may have been received or other activity, as well as provide an update on any additional relevant job market information. Equally, at this stage, we may begin advising on interview processes and timelines for specific clients (these are often client-led and can vary).

4. Interview preparation

Once an interview/multiple interviews have been secured, your consultant will provide you with coaching and support throughout the interview process, including preparation for the interview, client insights based on information on preview interviews, processes, and goals with both the client and the role, including whom they are meeting, the practicalities, and what to expect from the interview. This stage of our process is generally all about ensuring that your priorities are covered and understood by the client.

5. Debrief

The next stage of the process encompasses a debrief with both yourself and the company you have interviewed with to understand whether the role is likely to be the correct fit, with an evaluation of any pros and cons from either side. There is then likely to be a much more detailed interview feedback session and an update on expected timelines in order to ensure the correct long-term fit.

6. Requalification (dependent on first-stage interviews)

Dependent on the success of first-stage interviews, our next stage may involve an ongoing job-hunting process, whereby both you and your consultant will work together to evaluate what an ideal match would look like. This is where the benefit of exclusivity will be most crucial: working with a sole recruiter means you will have a much clearer line of communication and the process will avoid becoming muddled. There is the risk of confusion for all parties if clients are being approached by different agencies, so it is much simpler and less stressful to work with one recruiter on an exclusive basis.

7. Navigating an offer

At the point that an ideal position has been found, and both parties are happy, your dedicated recruiter will assist in navigating the job offer negotiation process, including negotiation of salary, flexibility, and benefits offered.

8. Accepting the offer and negotiating notice period

Once the job offer has been accepted, your consultant will support you through the next phase of handing in your notice at your existing role and negotiating your notice period prior to beginning your new role.

9. Get ready to start your new role!

Finally, your consultant will assist in getting you onboarded and settled into your new role by handling contracts, updating you on the business throughout your notice period, and offering new starter support to ensure you have the most successful start in your new role possible!

Don't just take our word for it...

Our APSCO Membership

In providing our range of recruitment services to clients, our membership of The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) provides you with a trusted badge of service quality and value.  To be accepted as APSCo members, our company was required to undergo over twenty quality reference checks across our operations with both clients and candidates and required us to commit to a strict code of professional recruitment conduct.

As an APSCo member, we are also required to complete a regular member compliance assessment which enables us to demonstrate that not only do we understand our legal and regulatory obligations, but also that we are working to best practice recruitment standards.

Being accepted as an APSCo member means that our clients can be assured that they are partnering with a professional recruitment firm that has a true understanding of their market sector, is committed to best practice compliance and quality standards, and is supported by an international trade body with best in class legal, compliance, training and market intelligence resources.

Our clients can also reap the benefit of our APSCo membership through specific client events and advice focussed on issues such as IR35 legislation; managing risk through the recruitment supply chain and becoming a disability confident employer.