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From contract to contingent, retained and bespoke, we have the network, technology, and specialist recruitment services to streamline your search.

We can match you with highly skilled talent to help your business grow.

With over 16 years of experience matching candidates and clients, we have a service to suit every requirement. Our specialist recruitment sectors cover Digital and Tech, Insurance, Financial Services, Legal, Public Sector, and Sales.

All of our consultants are experts in their field, giving you the assurance and peace of mind that we will find the right employee to fit your needs.

33 %
Of CVs that turn into interviews: We’re dedicated to sending you high-quality candidates who are best suited to your roles.
Active Talent Pool: We have an extensive database of quality candidates across all of our specialist divisions.
Active clients: We have a portfolio of clients who we have built long-lasting and trusted partnerships with.
Candidate calls in the last 12 months: We proactively work on behalf of our candidates to ensure we are engaging with them and guiding them through every stage of their job search.

Contract Recruitment

Contract Recruitment is the ideal option when you are looking for an individual with the specific skillset to handle or accelerate a specific project, or for temporary positions such as maternity or paternity cover. It is also the best solution to opt for when you have a very specific assignment which you only foresee lasting for a set time period, rather than a permanent need or position within your company. Using our network of experienced contract professionals, we will find the right candidate to step in and meet your requirements. As well as this, we also provide a weekly payroll and timesheet service, offering a full end-to-end solution.


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Permanent Recruitment


Contingency Recruitment is the option to choose when you have multiple roles open or a vacancy that needs to be filled urgently and where there is a large talent pool to pick from. This is a quick option, whereby we will advertise a role, use internal and external databases to search for a candidate, send over any CVs that we get, introduce the candidate, and guide them through the interview process. With contingency recruitment, clients are under no obligation to interview the candidates that are put forward for their roles, nor do they pay any fees until they have chosen to hire: nothing is paid upfront.

The Benefits of Exclusivity 

Exclusivity in recruitment saves both parties time, money, and energy. By working on an exclusive basis, it means that you will have a consultant that is absolutely dedicated to filling your roles for you and will be your sole point of contact and singular party to liaise with, saving you from having to have repeated conversations. Equally, exclusivity gives greater control over the process: you will have priority and first refusal on quality candidates and priority over other vacancies, along with the full attention of a consultant who will set aside dedicated time to work on your roles and a more personalised experience overall. Working exclusively means building a partnership whereby a consultant will learn the ins and outs of the company, holding face-to-face meetings and giving one-to-one feedback. It will allow the consultant to truly know your pain points, and what you are looking for, and to be best placed to find the higher-quality candidates who are best suited to your business. 


Retained recruitment is a full commitment from both parties. A percentage of the fee to find the correct candidate is paid upfront, meaning that your consultant is able to dedicate their time knowing you have an exclusive commitment in place. This allows for a more open and collaborative approach to map out the market, identify candidates of particular interest and introduce candidates not known to the client that match their requirements. This gives the very best chance of filling the vacancy with the right candidate. The recruiter will commit to presenting updates at various stages of the search which will often include an outline of a recruitment plan, a market map to demonstrate the size of the potential candidate pool, shortlists of candidates, and then management of the process from that point onwards. The recruiter will use their market knowledge to advise and ‘troubleshoot’ should there be barriers to successful candidates being found. 


Search assignments are typically utilised when senior figures need to be hired. Market maps and other approaches will take place to identify individuals who possess the required skillset; then, with the client’s agreement, speculative approaches are made to those individuals. The consultant will deliver a compelling pitch that will interest the individual to the point of the candidate agreeing to meet the client. This approach allows for increased subtlety on the part of the client and is the ideal option when brand reputation could be damaged by a direct approach. 

RPO Recruitment Service 

RPO is typically a favourable option for firms that are scaling up quickly and as a result, need an experienced and capable recruitment team that they can imbed into the business instantly. The team will be employed by an RPO firm but will give the impression of being employed by the client in the sense of having access to internal systems, will have an email address that suggests they are employed by the client and the allocated team will typically only act in the interest of the client. The onsite RPO team will benefit from vast resources and expertise ‘behind the scenes’ which can result in the client receiving information and guidance akin to what a much larger onsite recruitment team would offer. An RPO firm will charge a regular monthly fee upon agreement of the assignment and a contract stating a duration with a review date.

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