Webinar: Building Intelligent Automation Teams

Are you looking for ways to maximise efficiency and elevate your team’s performance to new heights? Discover the game-changing potential of Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and find out how to build a powerhouse RPA team in our webinar: “Building Intelligent Automation Teams.

The fully interactive Q&A and webinar is led by ⁠Denis Dennehy, a former director of robotic process automation pioneers Blue Prism and current COO at automation solutions specialists FD Intelligence.  With 26 years’ experience in the software industry and 18 years’ experience in RPA customer-facing roles, Denis’ RPA credentials speak for themselves.

Watch our webinar below to gain insights into building a successful RPA team by:
•  Identifying key roles and skill sets within an RPA team
•  Assessing what team members are needed for the scale of your specific organisation
•  Learning strategies for recruiting, training, and retaining RPA talent
•  Fostering ongoing engagement within your team: as your business scales, your RPA team will likely grow to encompass even more tasks, so having everyone onboard is crucial.

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