Digital & Tech Salary Survey 2023

Welcome to the updated Heat Digital & Tech Salary Survey 2023

As we enter the second-half of the year, it has become clear that, with the market changing so rapidly, one Salary Survey to cover the entire duration of the year isn’t sufficient: evolving market conditions and impacts in the wider social and economic landscape have led us to release a mid-year update to our 2023 Salary Survey. 

With renewed salaries and refreshed insights, the Heat Digital & Tech Salary Survey is your one-stop, definitive guide to salaries and pay trends for 2023, covering the principal specialisms and seniority levels within the UK. Our survey aggregates and analyses UK-wide salary data, market trends, and industry change to deliver a comprehensive overview of the sector, and covers a wide range of salaries, including Developers, Software Engineers, 1st/2nd/3rd Line Support, IT Support, and many more.

For employers, our survey is the best way to ensure you are offering competitive salaries to retain and attract the best Digital & Tech talent and gives sector-specific insights into market trends. For those professionals looking to take their next career step, our survey is a powerful tool that can help you benchmark your salary, negotiate a pay rise, or discover what other opportunities are available in the industry.

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  1. Introduction
  2. UK Analysis
  3. Senior Appointments
  4. Change & Transformation
  5. Development & Software Engineering
  6. Project & Programme Management
  7. Infrastructure & Cloud
  8. Testing
  9. Business Intelligence & Data Science
  10. Cyber Security
  11. Architecture
  12. ERP & CRM
  13. Product
  14. Automation
  15. Meet The Team
  16. Our Year at Heat

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