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Average IT Salaries in the UK 2022

Everything you need to know about IT salaries, helping you benchmark your salary, whether negotiating your pay or advancing your career.


We’re providing you with the very latest information on average IT salaries and trends impacting remuneration. Whether you’re a in IT Support, Development or a leadership position our salary research is based on industry trends and the thousands of recruitment and job searches performed each year. We hope to provide you with the information you need to negotiate your salary or land a new job.


Pay within IT infrastructure and engineering industry has experienced rapid change brought on by uncertainty in the job market, rumours of offshoring banking in response to Brexit, shifting investor preferences, a tide of regulatory change and ongoing technological advancements impacting employers’ hiring plans. Fears over Brexit have prompted many firms to expedite their hiring to fill critical permanent hires, with what was previously a reliance on contract or contract-to-perm roles being brought into the firm on a full-time basis. While employers still report challenges in finding staff to fill niche roles, movement exists, with more hiring overall motivating IT professionals to consider new staff. As companies struggle to retain staff, candidates who demonstrate their value will find themselves in an advantageous position when negotiating their salary. We’re bringing you the latest in IT salaries, keeping you informed about trends and factors that can impact your career.


Below is a detailed breakdown of Infrastructure & Engineering which can be found amongst other Digital & Tech jobs on our salary survey guide, to find out what you should be paid or to gain more of an understanding of pay scales for Digital & Tech jobs, download our complete salary survey guide here.

Infrastructure and Engineering Salaries

With the aim to modernise any remaining outdated IT infrastructures, companies are continuing to invest in infrastructure and IT engineering specialists. Higher salaries are being offered to those demonstrating expertise in the latest technologies, advancements and cloud-based technologies. Remote working is becoming increasingly offered due to recent events.


Average cyber security salaries are on the rise and this is set to continue over the next few years as companies continue to place emphasis on the importance of data management and security. Cloud-based security also figures high on the list of desirable skills for candidates in this field and those with the required skills and experience can expect to see higher salaries.


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