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6 ways to build an effective employer brand  strategy

by Heat Recruitment

When you’re recruiting it can be very easy to forget about your wider employer brand strategy and instead focus on the external actions you can implement to attract the right skills and talent to your job vacancies. This can mean a whole host of things like the salary you offer, the language in your job adverts, where you post the advert itself – whether you use the popular job boards or rely on internal or recruiter job channelsetc. But one of the most important things to think about when recruiting should be your employer brand strategy 

Employer branding is the way in which you convey what’s great about working for you. This means looking internally to define those qualities that make you an attractive employer and then working out how to convey that through your recruitment process. 

The importance of an employer brand strategy can’t be underestimated as, according to HR Drive, 90% of candidates will conduct a cursory online search before they apply for a job. This means your website, blogs, socials and your internet reputation are under scrutiny as well as your job advert itself.  

We’ve harnessed our experience in providing employer branding support to help you effectively communicate why job seekers should want to work for you and should respond to your job postings: 

Our top 6 tips to building an effective employer brand strategy: 

1. Articulate your values as a company 

Defining your values goes beyond creating a mission or vision statement. Truly understanding your business, its wider purpose and how this translates across leadership, management and the full workforce will allow you to articulate the true essence of your brand.  

2. Nurture a company culture 

A company culture can be hugely attractive to applicants and is a vital component for your wider employer value proposition. Cultivating yours will help attract enthusiastic candidates willing to learn and grow with your business.  

3. Leverage your online brand perception 

Glassdoor reports that 70% of people look at reviews before they make a career decision, so platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Indeed and Glassdoor are used by candidates to get a feel for a company. Fortunately, these are also excellent platforms where you can take control of your representation and post a good selection of material to accurately present your company culture. 

4. Tell your brand’s story  

Once you’ve engaged a candidate’s interest in your role and company, you can humanise it further by telling the story of your company - or better yet, share the ‘microbrand’ of your individual departments. Employees’ experiences and videos are a very effective way of achieving this, or having a ‘Meet the Team’ page on your company website can also make an applicant feel like your company appreciates individuals and won’t view them as a cog in a larger machine. 

5. Deepen your image 

Your website is usually the first port of call when a candidate considers your role, from there they get the first impression of you as an employer. Having a well-maintained website and careers page(s) that accurately reflect your company culture isn’t enough, reflecting the same tone onto your other channels will help authenticate your brand.  

6. Live your employer brand 

While developing your employer value proposition, culture and brand is an important initiative, it’s futile if not actively lived across the organisation. Particularly when faced with difficult decisions, how an organisation lives its values will demonstrate to current – and future employees – the realities of working there.  


Looking for more handy hints to help you with your talent acquisition process? Check out our report, The Recruitment Imperative: Redefining and re-establishing value in the ‘next normal’.



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