Employment Law, HR, and Compliance Webinar

As new legislation is introduced, there will be repercussions that all businesses will need to be conscious of. We have compiled a panel of speakers across Foot Anstey LLP and Smart Solutions Group who have offered their expertise to shed light on these changes and the possible repercussions for businesses from a Legal, HR, and Compliance perspective.

You can view the webinar recording here:

(If the video has failed to load within 10 seconds, please click here to view on YouTube)

If you have any additional questions on any of the points discussed in the webinar, you can contact the relevant individual via the contact details below:

  • Claire Holland: Claire.Holland@FootAnstey.com
  • Michael Thomson: Michael.Thomson@FootAnstey.com
  • Hannah Bloomfield: Hbloomfield@SmartSolutions.co.uk
  • Aleksandra Szul-Thomas: ASzul-Thomas@SmartSR.co.uk
  • Steve Preston: Steve.Preston@HeatUK.com

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