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Environmental Policy

Heat Recruitment is a recruitment business with core values that promotes positive action against climate change through business partnerships.


  • Heat Recruitment acknowledges that it has a responsibility to minimise the use of materials in the workplace and educate staff to be more responsible towards energy consumption.
  • Heat Recruitment is committed to utilising recycled materials encouraging business partners to do likewise.
  • Heat Recruitment is striving towards a paperless office and is dedicated to electronic means of communication where legally permissible.
  • All lighting and non-essential electrical equipment will be switched off when not used and at night and on the weekends.
  • The recycling of waste is constantly adhered to.
  • All paper based products will be recycled.
  • Printer cartridges will be returned to the manufacturer for re-use.
  • Office glass, plastic and tins will be collected and disposed of in the appropriate containers provided by the local authority.
  • Car sharing for staff members is promoted along with encouraging staff to walk or cycle to and from work.
  • Heat Recruitment advocates that its clients take climate control seriously and maintain a sense of responsibility and best practice with environmental issues.