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Specialist Legal Recruitment

How we help law firms to secure top talent in a competitive market

Amidst technological evolution, seismic shifts in customer demand and a tidal wave of new market entrants, law firms eager to gain the edge cannot afford to lose out on top talent. Attracting those top tier candidates, however, is a challenge in itself: in a crowded environment fraught with economic uncertainty, legal industry employers jostle for position to be seen as the most appealing choice for qualified lawyers.


With more and more firms looking to increase their headcount across the UK, things aren’t about to get easier. In order to meet the demands of their clients, legal sector employers must supercharge their recruitment strategies to secure the specialist talent they need.

That’s where we come in.

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At Heat Recruitment, we have a specialist legal recruitment team dedicated in helping our clients to expand their workforce with only the best and most suitable candidates available. Rather than your run-of-the-mill CV screening, we will get to know your firm inside out and gain an understanding of your unique objectives, requirements, values and key priorities. In doing so, we can assist you to fill the roles including but not limited to:


Hiring a director can often be a daunting task. The position requires a candidate with exceptional business acumen, the capability to scrupulously analyse data, and an ability to make high pressure decisions without it clouding their judgement. Selecting a candidate to represent your firm as a Director is a decision that cannot be made lightly and finding the very best candidates can often be an arduous task. At Heat Recruitment we have a broad network within the legal profession, and regularly work with firms of all sizes to place high-level candidates in Director level positions.


Beyond their specialist knowledge within their particular legal discipline, professionals at partner level possess a strategic vision which they team with thought leadership and business acumen to steer the firm in the right direction. If you are eager to acquire a highly determined and highly skilled partner, Heat recruitment has placed countless candidates in this coveted role.


Solicitors are the backbone of the legal profession. There are countless different aspects of the law a solicitor can practice and specialise in throughout their career. As the prominent executives within the profession, a solicitor must be able to take ownership of their cases and conduct their work with both the grace and decorum expected from such a storied career path. As specialists in the legal sector, Heat recruitment are perfectly placed to find solicitors within every discipline.

Legal Executives

Similar to a solicitor, Legal executives require excellent interpersonal skills, and a deep technical understanding of their chosen discipline. The path to becoming a legal executive differs from a solicitor, whereby a solicitor’s have a broad understanding of multiple disciplines, executive must specialise early in their career and study one legal practice to a high level. Targeting CILEx’s certified graduates for a Legal executive role can be streamlined and fast tracked by working with a member of our specialist team, who strive to help legal sector employers to source and secure the talent they need to grow their practices.


Under every great lawyer is a great paralegal. A great paralegal is able to work to strict deadlines and work in a fast paced, and varied profession. On a day to day, Paralegals may be conducting research, maintaining casefiles, and creating briefing documents for the relevant stakeholders. Paralegals are in a high demand, and firms are competing more than ever to attract the best talent. Working with a specialist recruiter from the Heat legal recruitment team can ensure ease of access to a wide network of experienced paralegals, part-time workers and quality graduates.


From small independent law firms to firms within the Legal 500, we work with a diverse range of legal sector employers to source and secure the talent they need to take their firm forward. Whether it’s for a one-off hire or you’re in the market for a recruitment partner you can count on in the long-term, you can count on the team at Heat Recruitment to help you achieve your goals.


We can proved the following Recruitment Solutions tailored to your need:

  • Headhunting
  • Contingency Search
  • Contractor/Locums
  • RPO / Managed Services

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