Salary Survey

We’re bringing you the latest Salary Survey information to help you benchmark employee pay, make competitive hiring offers and understand the market factors that are impacting remuneration.


What’s impacting UK salaries?


Brexit and the economy continue to weigh on the minds of UK employers – particularly within the financial services industry – although with unemployment remaining at record lows, companies continue to actively replace departing employees as well as add new headcount to enable growth. With the talent shortage keeping pace, employers are increasing salary prospects to both attract and retain key employees.


For employers, this means reviewing your compensation information, including base salary, bonus and perks such as flexible working and annual leave. Candidates are looking for employers who are innovative, who embrace technology and who are contributing to a greater purpose – whether through their work practices and ethic or their wider corporate social responsibility goals, including a commitment to the environment.


The Heat Recruitment 2020 Salary Survey is your definitive guide to starting salaries across the UK. We’ve compiled the insights and outlooks of the many hiring managers and candidates we work with to bring you the latest salary information to benchmark current salaries as well as plan for strategic hires in the year ahead.

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