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Salary Survey

The Heat Recruitment 2021 Salary Survey


Helping you benchmark salaries in financial services, insurance, legal, engineering and IT & digital sectors



Benchmarking employee salaries can be a challenging prospect, particularly when there are many external factors that can impact potential applicants’ and current employees’ expectations. With the full impact of Brexit still unknown and the continued pressures created by the pandemic, the competition for highly skilled talent is steeper than ever.



Whether you need to replace a natural cycle of employee turnover, or increase headcount to enable growth, having a solid understanding of the market rates for UK salaries in your sector through our salary survey will help you to create an attractive salary and compensation package to attract and retain the talent you need to ensure future growth. With the progression of the digital age, top talent is looking for more from their employers than ever before, which presents you with the ideal opportunity to enhance your company culture.



Top candidates are looking for:




The Heat Recruitment 2021 Salary Survey is your definitive guide to understanding  starting salaries across the UK. Assessing the current economic and social factors impacting salary expectations across our specialist industries, we have generated insightful considerations to prepare forhiring in the coming years. We have drawn our data from our extensive network of Hiring Managers, candidates and our own Specialist Consultants to make sure you have the most accurate information to hand to create a competitive and attractive salary package to attract the talent you need to deliver business growth.



We hope you will enjoy our Salary Survey, and if you would like us to provide further market analysis and create a bespoke hiring strategy and salary benchmarks for your upcoming strategic hires, please get in touch.


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