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How to Improve your Talent Acquisition Strategy

Successful companies are those who attract and retain top candidates with a strong talent acquisition strategy. Maintaining a solid process will benefit the company as a whole, so when you start to create this, be sure to consider these elements to boost effectiveness.


1. Understand the candidate profile

Take some time to really reflect on what the business wants and needs from the next potential candidate. This generally means cross referencing the goals your company is looking to achieve and identifying the ideal character to put these into motion. Knowing the correct profile of candidate you’re looking for before you start your talent acquisition process is key to making sure you bring the correct person onboard.


2. Talent pipelining

Instead of waiting until the eleventh hour to begin your talent acquisition process, successful companies should invest in an ongoing strategy that constantly works to build a network of potential candidates.

It’s essential that, as a hiring manager, you have a stock of candidates that would be an ideal match for your company ready and waiting in case somebody resigns, leaves the company or is promoted into a higher position. By keeping this network up to date, it gives your organisation an opportunity to build relationships with people and promote the company culture to those who could one day be a part of it.


3. Boosting employer brand

The best way you can draw new candidates in and keep them at the company is to look at the culture and how this is reflected into your employer branding. This affects how

potential and current employees perceive the business and it’s something which can be boosted through various initiatives and platforms.

Take a moment to look at your current marketing materials and ask yourself if they actually feature the company culture, perks and values. Including actual staff members in this content, rather than corporate stock images, will appear more realistic and authentic. An added bonus of this is that team members who feature in these materials are more likely to use them, so they will more likely get more mileage and reach more networks.


4. Engaging with people on social media

It’s so important to make sure you maximise your presence on all social platforms. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram are just a few platforms where you can reach potential candidates. It’s the prime place to shout about your company’s achievements, people and offering.

A common misconception is that social media exists primarily to reach new business and existing clients, but these days, it’s the main platform active and passive candidates will check to learn more about a company. With that in mind, it’s essential that all social accounts are active and ready to pull in new talent when the opportunity arises.


5. Highlighting why it’s good to work at the company

Within your talent acquisition strategy, you should make sure you are shouting about how good the company is, but not just from the words of a Managing Director. Make use of current employees by using them for testimonials which the company can then boost online. Candidates, especially those who want a similar position, will take kindly to the words of someone already in that role.


6. Learning and development opportunities

Talent acquisition isn’t just about recruiting new members, it’s how you then choose to retain them. Your strategy should cover the various ways you intend to develop current staff members, as people are more interested in staying with a company which provides learning and development opportunities supporting them to progress in their career.

By helping to professionally grow an individual, they are more likely to continue to progress within the same company rather than look at competitors elsewhere for better improvement and benefits.


7. Simplify your application process

A candidate may be interested in applying for your company, but they can be just as easily lost during the application process. Keeping this stage as simple as possible is key to making sure you secure their interest. This means, reducing the amount of forms applying candidates have to fill in when applying to the role.


8. Let technology help you

In cases when you have a large volume of candidates applying to a single role, technology can be a handy tool when filtering through applications. There are various softwares that can, in an instant, shortlist candidates based purely on skills and keywords from their CV and cover letters.


9. Embrace diversity and inclusion

Having a diverse hiring team oversee new talent coming through the doors can really help the output of your company. So be sure to not see diversity as a target but rather as a benefit and an opportunity.


10. Using a recruiter

You may have a solid talent acquisition strategy in mind but there is nothing wrong with seeking professional help. This will ensure the best strategy and execution possible in order to get great results for your company. Using a recruiter is a sure-fire way of having a dedicated expert search and targeting those who are ideal to the role.


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