Average Legal Salaries in the UK 2020

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The legal market is experiencing wide variances in growth, with many seeing double-digit growth (largely US firms) and others seeing declines due to the value of the pound and inability to provide services aligned to market demand. Those firms specialising in risk and compliance, IT, HR, finance and business change were best able to capitalise on market opportunities and experience growth.


More firms are moving their operations to regional hubs, resulting in lawyers and legal professionals either being moved or accelerating hiring outside of the Capital. This has increased legal salaries in the regions.


Demand for legal professionals continue to outstrip supply, resulting in opportunities for those looking to advance their careers. Average legal salaries are on the rise with those in corporate, commercial and construction law experiencing the strong prospects.


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The average legal assistant salary is on the rise with corporate legal assistants and legal practice assistants expecting above-average gains in the coming year. Senior legal assistants within excess of 3 years’ experience are seeing the highest salary increases.

Legal secretary salaries are seeing moderate increases and can vary based on tenure, company size and location. Good news for the regions, with legal secretary salaries increasing year-on-year as more firms create regional hubs outside of London.


Paralegals have seen salary gains in the past year, with increases as much as 5%, particularly in London, Bristol and Birmingham. Paralegals with residential or commercial property experience are seeing above-average salary increases.

Salaries for legal executives who have completed their Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) qualification are on the rise, particularly those specialising in corporate law, employment law and private client practice. Chartered legal executive salaries are highest for those with solid fee earning experience.


Solicitor salaries overall are on the rise with the largest gains reserved for solicitors with high billables or additional qualifications. Newly qualified solicitor salaries have seen an increase while those who specialise in corporate law seeing above average gains.


Salaries for associate solicitors can have large ranges, with those who demonstrate the ability to self-start, work independently and provide commercial value seeing above-average salary increases. Many associate solicitors also provide legal guidance to other legal associates and secretaries are also seeing this reflecting their pay and benefits.


Law firm partners are seeing salary prospects with often large variances based on firm revenue and area of specialism as well as what partners bring to the firm. For many US firms, where salaries are often set in US dollars, currency fluctuations have resulted in large increases in recent years, with many introducing salary caps in response. Law firm partner salaries outside of London are on the rise as more businesses move operations to the regions.

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