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Why you should work for Heat Recruitment

by Heat Recruitment

With almost 40,000 recruitment agencies in the UK and over 65 in Bristol alone (2018), how do you know which one is right for you? It can be tough to pick the place to grow and nurture your career. So, what makes Heat Recruitment that little bit different?

Our employees come first

At Heat, we understand the importance of having happy employees. Because of this, we concentrate a lot of our values around wellness, perks and motivators. Client relationships are important to us, but we understand it’s our positive work environment that encourages effective relationship building across all layers of our business.

We are the first recruitment agency in Bristol to receive the Workplace Wellbeing Charter, showing our commitment to improving the health and welfare of our staff. Some of the small things we do for this include free fresh fruit, an onsite gym with no charge for all employees and the distribution of weekly newsletters to educate and encourage a positive mindset for our workforce.

Also, we understand that sometimes life can get a bit tough. Whether you’re struggling with a work problem or something external, we know one in four people will experience a mental health problem. Because of this we also have duvet days! A chance to take a break, work from home, or just simply have a day to yourself to recharge your batteries. No questions asked.

Financial benefits

Whilst it’s important that you love your job, it’s also important that you are rewarded financially. Each position we hire for has a competitive basic salary, uncapped monthly commission schemes and quarterly bonuses. We hire people from all walks of life. You may still live at home, be buying your first house or supporting a family. Because of this, we host financial wellbeing seminars to educate, motivate and help people to budget and save for their chosen life path.

But it doesn’t stop there. After all, where’s the spice of life without a little bit of friendly competition? Our top performer incentives include lunches at Michelin Star restaurants, visits to watch Bristol Bears matches and an annual golf day. Our best employees will also have the opportunity to go on our annual achievers’ holiday. Cheers to that!


As a recruitment agency we understand the nature of the employment market and the necessity to re-educate and develop talent. Due to this, we provide on-going training programmes for each team member – internal and external. You’ll have access to structured career plans drawn up from your first day and the latest and greatest tech to help progress you to the very top. At Heat Recruitment, you’ll know your goals, what you need to do to take your next steps and exactly how you will be rewarded along the way. No surprises here.


If there’s one trait and value that we hold close to our heart, it’s loyalty. We consider ourselves an employer of choice and specialise in developing our team throughout their working life – we think this is what has earned us our incredible retention rate. With that in mind there are a few perks we offer our long-standing employees.

We believe in a healthy holiday allowance from the very start, employees kick-off with 25 days. However, for every year after two years’ service you can earn an extra day, up to a maximum of 30 days (plus bank holidays of course). Our ethos is work hard, play hard and your free time is just as valuable to us as it is to you.

On top of this, we see the significance of travel and life experience. Because of this, after five and ten years’ experience at Heat Recruitment, we offer a full month’s paid sabbatical for you to do what you choose. Perhaps you want to visit Australia, volunteer in South America, or just have a bit of me-time at home. It’s yours to do what you please.

Here at Heat Recruitment we are immensely people-orientated and see true value in taking care of your employees. We were recently awarded Three Star, Best Companies status and that is all thanks to feedback delivered direct from our staff.

If you are interested in join the Heat team then head over to our recruitment pages to find out more about the day to day life in the office, the awards we have won and the roles we have available…

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by Tom Meek