8 reasons why recruitment is a great career for graduates

by Heat Recruitment


If you are a recent Graduate or approaching final exams and are wondering what direction to take next, perhaps this will help to lead you to the next step. The opportunities that working in recruitment offer could be exactly what you are looking for in order to enter and progress into a rewarding and fulfilling career.

1. An opportunity to enter a graduate Scheme that has limitless earning opportunities

One way of entering a career in recruitment is via a graduate scheme, this is a great choice if you are looking for limitless earning opportunities as well as learning and progression. A typical graduate scheme can last anything between 3 months and 1 year with a starting earning potential between £30,000 and £50,000 in the first 12 months due to an uncapped commission structure, leading to some of the highest first-year earnings of any graduate role.

Personal growth is achieved by working towards and achieving clear goals and working through a training academy to develop the necessary skill set needed to be successful.  In turn, this will enable you to work towards reaching the desired salary you seek.  This will ensure the development of skills and therefore personal growth, which in turn will enable you to work towards reaching the salaries that you may desire.

2. Learn business skills: Negotiation, Sales, Relationship, Advertising

As a graduate, choosing to begin a career in recruitment will help you to gain and enhance upon a whole host of skills. Some of the main skills you will have the opportunity to gain experience in will be a broad range of business skills, including negotiation, sales, advertising, relationship building, and account management. You will learn to use these skills at higher levels and become an independent worker within your field of recruitment.

You will also gain some very rewarding skills and will be able to guide candidates through different important stages within their professional lives. You will be able to assist them with leaving their job, an area in which you will expose you to a variety of sensitive topics and scenarios, discuss qualifications and training, and understand the impact a new candidate will have on a client’s business.

3. Develop your communication skills

As well as developing business skills, it is also very important to improve upon communication skills as this is often regarded as the universally sort after soft skill and broadens future career opportunities. Communication will play a huge role within recruitment, which makes it a great place for graduates to learn and develop this skill. A lack of communication can lead to misunderstandings, broken relationships and hindered business and personal development.

The two main areas of communication within the recruitment sector will be between the recruiter and the candidate and between the recruiter and the hiring client company. Therefore, as a graduate, you will frequently be advancing your communication skills within very important roles.

4. Develop your organisational skills

Alongside learning a series of business and communication skills, you will also improve upon your organisational skills. With organisational skills being one of the most important transferable job skills, working in recruitment is a great opportunity to enhance these. You will have the chance to experience planning, time management, scheduling and meeting deadlines. These are all essential when securing the ideal candidate for an employer, as you will need to accurately assess what the employer is looking for. You will also need to attract the desired applicants, handle applications, select candidates for interviews followed by allocating the best candidate, offering the job and completing any final necessary queries.

5. Learn how to manage your own business

From this selection of skills and day-to-day working, you will learn how to manage your own workload and what a recruitment workflow consists of. Within recruitment, you always have the opportunity to share and learn from others and you are largely in control of your own success. Working in recruitment is comparable to running your own business, the reason being because you need to generate revenue for yourself. You will also learn to monitor your pipeline as well as how to market yourself correctly, putting these aspects into place will create successful business. You will learn to efficiently manage a recruitment workflow, an area in which your organisational skills will reflect. You will begin by understanding the market and building ideal candidate profiles, with an end goal of screening candidates and verifying their skills and experience for job roles.

6. Gives you exposure to different industries

As a graduate going into recruitment, each and every day you would be in contact with a variety of different people from different backgrounds with different expertise. There would be contact with the candidates searching for a job who are experts in each of their fields, ensuring a constant flow of discussions and exchanges of information with different industries. Exposure and industry knowledge is one of the great rewards within recruitment work. Discussions with experts within various job fields is a good way of building up your knowledge of each of the industry sectors and keeping up to date with industry information and terminology.

7. Become an expert in your field

As a graduate going into recruitment, each and every day you would be in contact with a variety of different people from different backgrounds with different levels of expertise. There would be contact with the candidates searching for a job who are experts in each of their fields, ensuring a constant flow of discussions and exchanges of information which helps to further your understanding of their industry sector.  You will also have the chance to work with and provide recruitment solutions to a variety of organisations within a specifics sector, who themselves will come to rely on your expertise when it comes to finding high-caliber industry professionals.

8. Immediate access to work with Business Leaders

As previously mentioned, constant contact with people is inevitable within recruitment, which leads to the access of people and useful insights. From quite an early stage you will be expected to network and build a series of long lasting relationships with business leaders. Although initially daunting for some, this opportunity does not arise in many other job sectors providing great scope for personal development and is an exciting prospect for a junior within a company.

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