Why looking for a job now and over Christmas offers great benefits

by Heat Recruitment

“You’re simply having a wonderful Christmas time”, and job hunting may be a far-flung  notion buried by thoughts of gift ideas and your lust for mince pies. However, before you put the idea of job hunting to the back of your mind, stop. For Christmas may be a perfect time to move forward in your career.


There is a common misconception that the Christmas period with its heavy workloads could block your success rates when applying for a new job. This could not be further from the truth. Whilst tying up loose ends and preparing for the following year is a busy time, it is also a prime time to reflect on the past  year, and mark out key budgets for the next. What does that mean? A clear hiring budget, of course.

On top of this, the January rush offers quiet time in regards to job applications in December. This gives HR Managers more time to be contacted, less competition for candidates and an overall more efficient time period to get those CV’s in.

Avoid the rush

Whilst it has been suggested that January and February are prime times to approach a new business, the issue is, this is what everybody thinks! Getting those applications in early doors is going to put you at the forefront of the CV pile rather than wedged in a stockpile. Come new year when hiring managers are advertising their new roles,  your CV will be fresh in their mind and likely top of the pile, because you approached them in December. Ideal!

Moreover, many businesses and HR professionals are realising the error of their ways in waiting until the following year to make their next big hire. With competition running high and most businesses turning to the job boards in the new year, getting ahead of the curve is becoming a priority for businesses too. After all, who wants to walk into a competitive January job market when you can catch that new hire in December?


The festive period is a holly jolly time to get out and about and meet those vital contacts that may be pivotal in securing your next role. In December it’s likely you will get a fair amount of time off as well as Christmas party invites. Maximise each opportunity and take your professional side along to each event. You never know who you could meet, even at your own Christmas party!

Connections made in and around December can prove themselves as vital alliances when seeking your dream position and could likely open your eyes to other positions and partnerships that aren’t even being advertised yet. It’s not always what you know… it’s who you know.

Increase your temporary work experience

Not wanting to make the complete transition over Christmas? That’s fair enough. Perhaps you are looking for a flexible experience to supplement your skills and finances before committing to your permanent search in the new year. A new study from job search engine Adzuna.co.uk has revealed that over 23,000 Christmas jobs are currently available in the UK. These are positions that have a short hiring time span and these opportunities are there for the taking. What are you waiting for?

The benefits of taking up a temporary position are exponential. You gain skills, experience, contacts and a wide insight into different types of business adding to your plethora of corporate understanding.

Don’t miss the sleigh ride and get on board with an end-of-year look into the job market of your choice.

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by Ross Bennett