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What’s the benefit of joining an SME business over a larger corporate? 

by Heat Recruitment

When deciding between an SME or a larger corporation for your next role, there are some great benefits to working for the former.

With SME’s making up over 5.7million and therefore 99% of all business in the UK, it’s clear that there are many opportunities for employment.

Increased internal progression

When starting a role, one of the leading factors in making your decision is analysing the opportunities for progression within that company.

While large corporations may boast meaty salaries, you may find yourself competing with a much larger pool of candidates for each step up.

Within an SME however, it’s likely you will have closer relationships and more contact with your managers. Perhaps you even sit in the same room as them. Not only does that give you more opportunity to have your achievements recognised, but less competition improves your chances of reaching your next career milestone quicker.

Clear and defined company culture

Grassroots SME’s likely will have grafted hard to make it in their market. When competing with other small businesses that are trying to establish themselves, smaller companies work harder to differentiate themselves. Specialist companies hold their values and culture close to their heart and any business worth their salt will know that strong company culture is one of the biggest attractors for candidates.

Identifying that an SME has a positive company culture not only gives you an idea of who they are, but it also provides great opportunities to collaborate with staff at every level of the business.

Broader skillset

Although fewer employees can mean an increased workload, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, in a smaller company you may well find that your day-to-day responsibilities are a more diverse range of tasks.

Not only will this improve the plethora of skills that you have, but it will open you up to new challenges, new training and more responsibility. What’s not to gain from that?

Local community benefits

Local business loves local business, and local customers also love local business. Because of this, there is a great multilateral support system put in place naturally. Perhaps this is what you are looking for in an employer, that extra level of care and contribution to your community.

Here at Heat Recruitment for example, we are privileged to be based in Bristol. We value our surroundings, local businesses and institutions that support the community. This is what led to our sponsorship of the Bristol Bears rugby team. Our support enables us to promote a little piece of Bristol, and we find this exceptionally important.

The buck doesn’t just stop with us. Many SME’s have this passion and commitment to give something back to the town or city that has been an incubator for growth, and as an employee, this is great to be a part of.

Is it right for you?

The benefits of working for an SME are a wonderful pull when looking for a new role. However, perhaps it isn’t for you. Before looking for a role it is really important to consider what it is you want from your next opportunity. Once your goals are aligned it will be easier to map out the right path for you.

If this is something you struggle with, here at Heat Recruitment,we can provide that support and guidance to help you land your next role.

by Ross Bennett