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by Chris Birtle

Recruitment has to be one of the most rewarding careers in the current job market. Our purpose is to help people secure job opportunities with organisations that match both their ambitions and share the same values. Equally, it’s about working with businesses to help identify the talent in the market that will help them to achieve their business goals.

That said, the Recruitment Industry is not for everyone.  As much as there are really satisfying parts to our job; like feeling like you have really made a difference in helping someone secure their perfect job, there are plenty of tough times too. A consultant will have to deal with providing a lot of bad news – In fact, a Recruitment consultant spends 90% of their time providing feedback to people that is negative.


“ the Candidate has decided to accept another opportunity”

“the candidate has had a change of heart and decided to stay with their current firm”

“the client has said they are looking for someone with more experience”

“following your 2nd interview they have unfortunately decided to pull the role”


It is not all doom and gloom, as that 10% of time helping people secure the deal is a fantastic experience and if you can develop the “thick skin” to remain focused, Recruitment can offer you an incredibly rewarding career.

Our top consultants have shared their tips for a successful career in Recruitment:

  1. Be honest – “Don’t try and give off the impression you know everything. Ask clients and candidates to explain to you exactly what they do or what the role requires and how their businesses work and operate”. Remember each person and each company is different there is no one rule suits all scenario in recruitment.
  2. Listen – “Listen to your training, your team mates, your candidates and clients! This will help you build a solid knowledgebase that you can refer back to and ensure you can deliver a quality service”.  Ask your customers for feedback and act on what they say, as at the end of the day we are relationship brokers introducing talented people to potential employers.
  3. Be Brave – “Ask difficult questions that are probing and will uncover commitment and technical understanding”. Your customers with thank you in the long run as the more you understand of a persons situation the better position you will be in to provide advice.
  4. Dedication – “Keep firmly focused on your goal and what you want to achieve and build for your future. If you don’t stay Dedicated & Focused you won’t get there”
  5. Be relentless – “It’s a tough industry with lots of competition so keeping productivity, quality of service high and consistent. This will be the difference in being an okay Consultant or a fantastic one”, Hard work and dedication will always propel you to the next level in every industry., look to the people around you and your competition if you are not working harder than them then how are you going to be successful in a competitive environment.
  6. Have fun – “It is a challenging career but one surrounded with a lot of great positive people, perks and the chance to build a name for yourself within the industry. Enjoy it!”. Your customers value your service as you help to change peoples lives for the better.


“Be Selfless”

Key to being successful as a Recruitment Sales Professional is to remind your self of the paradox of sales; The more people I help the more Sales opportunities I will close. Recruitment is all about putting other people needs first in order for you to reach your goals.


I have personally been in the Industry for over 10 year and genuinely really enjoy the people and customers I have had the opportunity to work with in this fantastic industry

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