The revival of job boards

by Heat Recruitment

Job boards became popular in the early 2000s and by 2006, were a crucial recruiting tool for many employers. While the 2008 recession forced businesses to make cut-backs in their hiring tools, job boards have remained an integral part of the hiring process.

So why are job boards continuing to gain traction again in recent years? There are a number of important reasons behind this, which we’ll discuss in more detail below.

The state of the UK economy

Firstly, it’s vital that we address the UK labour market. With the UK economy in unchartered waters,, it may seem strange that job boards have continued to thrive. Especially as businesses are cost conscious due to uncertainty around Brexit. But there’s a reason behind this.

With the number of EU professionals working in the UK reducing drastically since the 2016 referendum and many professionals being too nervous to move about the job market, businesses are having to work harder than ever to secure talented new hires.

As such, they’re relying on recruitment tools such as job boards to reach as many candidates as they possibly can. Not only this, but the online generation entering the world of work almost exclusively turn to the internet to find a job. So if you want to attract these professionals into your business, you need to go where they are.

Major market players

You’re probably wondering how a reduction in the number of job boards has actually increased their popularity. Back in 2006, there were hundreds, if not thousands, of job boards in the UK.

However, post-recession, these have either diminished or been bought up by bigger companies, leaving just a handful of major players – job boards like CV-Library.

As a result, these recruitment giants are able to offer access to huge talent pools, holding millions of candidates. As a one-stop shop for hiring professionals, these sites have continued to grow in popularity in recent years.

Alongside this, some major job boards are working with a huge range of partner sites and have built extensive networks by acquiring some of these smaller players. For example, CV-Library owns a number of industry-specific job boards, such as Marketing-Jobs and Education-Jobs.

The introduction of new technologies and features

What’s more, the introduction of new technologies and features means that job boards are no longer limited to CV searching or posting a job advert. In fact, there’s now so much more that can be done.

For example, businesses using ATSs (Application Tracking Systems) can integrate these with their job board, in order to streamline their recruitment process and help them find the right candidates.

What’s more, job boards have increasingly invested in their SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) efforts to ensure that vacancies hosted on their site are as visible as they can be on search engine results. For example, a number of job boards have collaborated with Google on the launch of its new job search index in the UK.

From an employer’s perspective, they want to know that their vacancies are appearing as high as possible in the search results and that they’re being seen by as many candidates as possible. Investment in SEO from job boards is helping to ensure this happens.

The importance of employer branding

Another topic that appears to have burst on to the business scene in recent years is employer branding; the act of boosting your brand to position yourself as an employer of choice.

What has this got to do with job boards? Well many now offer features or functionality that allows businesses to advertise their company and boost their employer brand.

As such, companies are no longer using these sites just to post a job advert or search for CVs. They’re now embracing these new offerings and using them to boost their brand and entice candidates into their roles, positioning themselves as industry leaders.

In turn, this is helping to increase the popularity of job boards.

In summary

It’s clear that there’s a number of reasons why job boards have shot back up in popularity in recent years. With businesses struggling to find talented recruits, plus these sites working harder to support every aspect of the recruitment process, job boards have become a vital and irreplaceable tool for many hiring professionals.

by Tash Larkin – CV Library