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by Heat Recruitment

The myth of offering candidates directly means that they are more likely going to accept

You would think after following your internal recruitment process, meeting your potential new employee, perfectly describing them the opportunity and explaining how they will fit into your business, that surely the final stage of offering the candidate would be a foregone conclusion!?

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. This is the stage where the notion of moving firms sharply turns into reality, and their decision of whether to move company is will be heavily scrutinised.

There is also the fact in the modern employment market over 40% of employees are counter offered by their current employers, and so if you are going to deliver an offer to the candidate – make sure you are prepared for each and every eventuality. Failure to do is likely to result in a swift shock when the candidate mutters the words “no, it’s not enough” followed by an awkward silence.

In the heat of rejection, it is easy to say “they are not right anyway” and adopt a ‘what will be-will be’ philosophy, however given the amount of time invested into trying to secure this candidate, such a stance, deep-down is an excuse for not getting what you wanted.

To a recruiter, offering the candidate is arguably one of the most important parts of the recruitment process and needs to be handled with extreme care.  Get it right and the candidate will have greater confidence in their decision to move organisations, and as a consequence will be better prepared to go into that meeting they all dread when they finally tell the director their career lies away from that company.  Get it wrong and it sews a seed of doubt in the candidates’ mind, it’s this that can lead them to the conclusion of “better the devil you know”.

The beauty of the recruitment consultant delivering the offer is, if they have done their job properly of course, they know exactly what the candidate acceptance levels are and should have been trial closing them around these levels throughout the process.  In many respects the consultant has been priming the candidate for this moment, everything that has been done to this point has been building up to this – let them finish what they started.

If you aren’t able to meet the candidates’ salary expectations, the recruitment consultant will be able to resell the strengths of the role based upon the candidates’ motivational drivers.

Think of the recruiter as your mediator, and use the consultant to achieve the outcome that is best for both parties, as it’s important to remember that long term relationships are scarcely one-sided.

A skilled Recruiter should be an expert of the process and have full control of every stage.  This enables them to secure the talent you so desperately seek and that, in this current market can be invaluable.