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The five people to surround yourself with, to supercharge your career

by Heat Recruitment

Whilst hard work will propel you to success in your career of choice, it is important not to underestimate the power your peers can have on your longevity, and momentum.

1. Positive People

It may seem like an obvious one, even though you can’t choose the people you work with. However, that said, you can limit the amount of face to face contact you have with the ‘negative nelly’ types of colleague.

Studies show that positivity can directly impact your success, not only in work, but at all points of your life. Sales improve by 37% cross-industry, productivity by 31%, you’re 40% more likely to receive a promotion and nearly 10 times more engaged at work. That is reason enough to avoid those negative vibes, bring a positive attitude, and fully supercharge yourself.

2. Mentor

Be it physical or virtual, a mentor is somebody that you can learn from and shadow. What used to be a very personal and time-consuming pursuit no longer has to be, with the improvement in communications technology. You can now use tools such as LinkedIn and online forums to meet, greet and converse with great business individuals.

If you have the time however, go out for coffee with that great contact. Take somebody for lunch. These key relationships you can build are not only going to be informative and educational, but they can help build your reputation and boost your profile.

3. Entrepreneurs and CEO’s

This type of person may be the toughest to gain access to, however it doesn’t have to be sector specific. You may not necessarily need their skills or experience at this point in your career, but you can certainly learn from them.

Listen, intently. There is a lot to be learned from somebody who has ventured down the path to starting their own business.

4. Your friends

In the pursuit for your perfect career, it can sometimes be easy to commit yourself to too many networking events. Perhaps you’re also working late to prove your dedication to your boss. This is all great, however it’s important as you climb the career ladder that you don’t slip and fall. Allow time away from work and give yourself a moment to reload and reset, perhaps with your friends.

Some of the most important people to surround yourself with on your journey are your friends. Pals will offer the support, alternative opinion and sometimes the distraction you need to be your best possible self. At the end of the day your wellbeing comes before your professional reputation. So, ensure you take care of yourself as well as your ambition.

5. Recruiters

There may be points in your career whereby you’re not achieving exactly what you want. Perhaps it’s time for a change and you have no time to scour the internet for the perfect role.

That’s where we come in. Heat Recruitment are dedicated to getting to know you as a person and help you on the journey to find your perfect role in Engineering, Legal, Financial Services, IT or Insurance. Get in touch today.

By Dan Hazzard