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The benefits of getting into a sales role in insurance if you enjoy building relationships

by Heat Recruitment

At a networking event, you’re in your element. At a social gathering, you’re always the one to strike up conversation. Building relationships is second nature to you; you’re a people-person through and through and you’re looking for an insurance career that will reflect this personality trait. Having developed your skill in the insurance sector, you’re eager to use the knowledge you have gained in a new, customer-facing role.

Fortunately, you won’t be lost for options: if you have a natural knack for building rapport with people and pre-empting their needs, a career in insurance sales could be the perfect move. What’s more, considering you pre-existing awareness of insurance products, the transition should be relatively smooth. But what are the perks of the job?

Flexibility in your schedule

Insurance brokers aren’t chained to their desks nor bound to their office; the nature of their work sees their schedule change every-day. If they are meeting with customers in the evening, for example, they might use their morning to accomplish some personal goals. This is undoubtedly one of the main drivers of insurance sales as a career: not only is flexibility encouraged, it’s essential in juggling commitments without dropping the ball.

Fortunately, thanks to the arrival of the digital age, it’s easy for anyone in the modern insurance landscape to stay productive when out of office: that means you can get your work done when you feel best prepared – at home, in the office or in café between two client meetings.

Job satisfaction from client satisfaction

The world of insurance sales can be highly rewarding for those who draw satisfaction from the impact they have on their clients: by recommending a product that is cost-effective and meets the unique requirements of an individual or company, it won’t just be the commission that instils a sense of achievement.

In most cases, it’s the behaviour of the sales person that plays a crucial role in winning customer loyalty; the reciprocal relationship that is built forms a foundation of trust for the client who soon becomes comfortable returning to the sales person for advice. If you thrive from succeeding in sparking strong relationships, a role in insurance sales will certainly allow you to see the fruits of your labour.

No ceiling on earning potential

Like most careers in sales, insurance brokers will usually receive a commission check at the end of most sales: the more they sell, the higher their earnings. What’s more, an increasing number of companies in this arena have attractive bonus structures to incentivise their sales people to aim higher and earn gifts, holiday or more cash in return.

While most brokers will start on a salary sitting on the £25,000p/a mark, data from Payscale suggests the average commission in this field ranges between roughly £100 – £10,000 in a year. The more ambitious and motivated you are, the more money you can make in this profession – and if relationship building is a skill you require little to no training in, this could be a highly lucrative career choice.

A personalised service is always in demand

Often referred to as a recession-proof career, insurance sales professionals rely on deep-rooted relationships with a vast network of businesses and individuals. While the shopping behaviours of consumers may have been shaped by the digital age, most of the insurance products they will consider are incredibly complex in nature: the choices they make will usually be based upon their unique earnings, budget, health and wellbeing.

It may be easy to purchase insurance cover with a couple of clicks, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right policy to meet your needs. More than ever, the public are turning to professionals in the industry to provide tailored guidance through this critical decision to ensure the plan they select reflects their current circumstances and risk profile.

If you’re a people person who enjoys finding unique solutions to complicated problems, you’ll feel at home in the world of insurance sales: using your well-established technical know-how, you can point people towards the right solutions for specific problems and demystify the jargon that leaves most consumers clicking frantically around the web for an answer.

We may be more reliant on technology than ever before, but the value of a personalised service from an industry expert will never go out of style.

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by Ben Cass