Stressed? You won’t be…

by Heat Recruitment

Do not get stressed about being stressed, take a proactive approach to combat stress by implementing the Top 5 Tips. 

People being stressed and unhappy at work is steadily on the rise as more and more people struggle to cope with everyday life at work. As part of national Stress Awareness Month we’ve compiled a list of stress busters that can ultimately help when dealing with stress.

So, here goes…

say no stress at work

1. Learn how to say “not right now”

Prioritising is one of the most important aspects when in a job. With people cornering you left, right and centre, it can become impossible to just say no. So here’s a key tip, learn that saying “No” is not the same as saying “not right now.” Look at your list of tasks, determine a priority, and unless a building is burning down, metaphorically of course, stick to the prioritisation that you have created, taking one task at a time!

breaks stress at work

2. Breaks are key

Breaks are an important part of the day. Lunch breaks are great but they are one part of the day. Breaks every now and then keep the mind fresh. Go on a walk outside, walk around your building, go for a tea break, anything that will take your mind off the stresses of work for 5 minutes!  A simple tip is taking 5 deep breathes – breath in through the nose and then breath out slowly through your mouth, will reduce the tension.  By doing this you will find yourself becoming refocused, with clarity on the tasks ahead.  And Remember to mix with people who can help to motivate you (avoid mood-hooverers!)

work-life-blance stress at work

3. After Work = No Work

You know the feeling… You’ve finished work, gone home and sat down on your laptop in front of the TV relaxing.  An email comes in, here comes the urge to click, then it’s open. Bad idea.  After work has finished, that is your time.  Shut your computer down, and enjoy your evening.  Try not to let email dominate your life.

exercise stress at work

4. Eating, Drinking… and Exercise

Staying hydrated is important in the workplace and life in general.  It’s an understatement when we say that water is important, because this makes sure you don’t get random headaches which can stop your productivity and increase your stress levels.  Also, try to avoid really sugary foods which do not always help.  Exercise is a perfect way to unwind, destress and all the time that you are exercising you are benefitting your body and well-being.  Exercise can be the walk or cycle to work, a gym session or an organised team sport, it doesn’t matter what it is so long as you get out there and take part.

sleep stress at work

5. Sleep – the peaceful time

When working, you must make sure that you make the most of the sleep available. Sleep helps you to feel refreshed and without it, well it’s going to make your job 10x more stressful. Don’t underestimate the importance of this!  There is a lot to be said for an early night and grabbing those 8 hours of relaxation and recovery.  Avoiding alcohol and being hydrated will enhance the quality of sleep that you get.

This rounds up Heat’s Top 5 Tips & Tricks on how to avoid getting overly stressed at work.  Follow these steps, and people will be asking you how you stay so cool under pressure!

We know these ideas work for us, so let us know how you get on at