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Small business week: 5 statistics that prove the importance of small businesses #smallbusinessweek

by Heat Recruitment

small business week

Small business week is upon us, and at Heat we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight just how important small businesses are to the UK economy and jobs market, and why you should be considering roles within smaller more agile teams.

Remember, every business was a start up at some point! So keep in mind the following statistics when planning the next step in your career:

1. Small and Medium-sized companies account for 99% of UK companies

Chances are that you already have or will work in a small or medium business, and although many people set their career goals on larger businesses, smaller businesses offer a unique opportunity to make your stamp on the company, learn new skills and take on greater responsibilities.

2. Total employment by small businesses in 2016 was 15.7million people – 60% of private sector employment in UK

With the majority of the UK’s private sector employment coming from small businesses, it’s important to know how you can use a variety of roles as the right step in your career. Smaller teams often allow for advanced job titles to be more easily attainable, which come with more development opportunities, responsibilities and challenges.

3. There were 5.5 million private sector small businesses in the UK at start of 2016

The perfect company for you is out there. With 5.5 million small businesses in the UK to choose from, why settle for a role which you don’t enjoy and doesn’t offer you the opportunites you crave. Keep looking, the perfect fit (#PerfectFit) for you might be just around the corner.

 4. More than 2m new businesses in the UK since 2000

With so many new businesses starting all the time, more and more roles become available in increasingly diverse sectors. These small, flexible businesses can often polarize what your day-today job looks like. The business is likely to be focused on a specific niche requiring very distinct skills and qualifications, while simultaneously, as the business evolves, the team will need to be willing to take on new challenges and wear multiple hats.

5. UK Increase in new businesses year on year: London 3%, Wales 4%, Northern Ireland 6%, North East England 8%

When it comes to exciting start-ups and new businesses, don’t limit yourself to the same safe locations. Many regions of the UK in the last year have seen much higher increases in small and medium businesses than London, so don’t limit your horizons just yet!

So, in summary, working for an SME can be exciting, rewarding, give scope to build strong friendships whilst offering greater responsibility, diversity in the role, a clearer understanding of what is happening with the business and a greater part to play in the process and day to day operations.  After all, 15.7 million people, can’t be wrong.