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How can your recruitment career develop your skills?

by Heat Recruitment

A recruitment career is certainly a wise choice. Why? It’s currently one of the most thriving sectors in the UK – and it’s no wonder. With record high employment levels, a skills shortage and the implementation of AI in many professions, the workforce is consistently adapting and developing. But what can you get out of your recruitment career in terms of skills development?

Let’s start off with surface level skills


As you begin your recruitment career, there are some vital and necessary skills that you will require to advance within the job itself. As a recruiter you will deal with people daily – be that clients, candidates or colleagues. Strong communication skills are essential for any well-seasoned recruiter.

As you develop within your role, you may also hone your communication style in order to interact with a whole spectrum of people. You may be in contact with a HR professional, a CEO or a founder, but you will know exactly how to communicate with these different professionals.

Time management

In recruitment, no two days are the same. Your to-do list will vary daily and the ability to prioritise tasks based on their importance is a skill you will quickly develop. You may have a list as long as your arm, but if you come across a perfect candidate, it’s necessary to drop what you’re doing to land the placement. Ensuring all lose ends are tied up by the end of the week is essential too. The recruitment landscape is very competitive, so the ability to move quickly will certainly come into play.

Recruitment-centric skills

The ability to match people with the ideal role

If you are thriving within your recruitment career and loving every minute of it, you will find you’ll be able to use your judgment to match candidates to the ideal role better. You’ll also learn how to take into account the culture of the business and whether that candidate is going to fit. You will be able to communicate with a candidate, learn about their personal experiences and slot them neatly into an ideal corporation. For example, if you’re speaking to a free spirit who is looking for flexibility, you will know not to place them with an overly corporate client. 

Extracting the right information

In the first couple of months, it’s likely you will spend a lot of time on the phone chatting to candidates and providing a hard sell. However, as your confidence increases and as your knowledge of your clients and the sectors broadens, you will become much better as extracting relevant information from candidates in a timely manner. The best thing about this is it’s a multi-faceted skill that can also aid towards winning new business and successful networking too.

Sales and Negotiation

With experience and close interaction with your clients, you will develop the confidence to push rates up and perhaps counter a better salary for your candidate. This is aided by having a good track record for placements. The more your clients and candidates understand the value of the service they are receiving, the more successful you will be at negotiation.

At the same time, you will become a master of sales – dealing primarily in human currency. Sometimes, the hardest part of recruiting somebody is handling their hesitancies and doubts around making a big change in their life. The more knowledge you have within your job, the more you can legitimately sell a role to these types of candidates. You will have an awareness of what it’s like to work there, how great the perks are and what their colleagues will be like. With this increased knowledge the ability to sell becomes second nature.

Coaching skills

When you are experienced and have been nurtured by your company, you may find yourself naturally developing leadership and coaching skills. A recruitment career is a perfect opportunity to buddy up, give advice and pass on your skills to more junior members of the team. Depending on your agency, you may have these opportunities open to you – this is a great way to breed creativity, innovation and motivation.

Commercial Awareness

The day-to-day role of a recruiter involves staying up to date with what is happening in the areas you specialise in – be that geographically or sector-specific. In time, this ability to stay on top of goings-on within the industry will aid to boost your commercial awareness. This offers a plethora of benefits. You will be more engaging to speak to, your knowledge of the market will ‘Wow’ both clients and candidates and, perhaps most importantly, trust in you due to your legitimate nature will grow.

As you can see the upskilling opportunities for a recruiter are abundant. You don’t necessarily need a degree to get into the role and the development path is natural and achievable.

Here at Heat Recruitment we pride ourselves in having some of the best recruiters around, and tailor individual progression plans for each individual. Why not consider a career with Heat?

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by Ross Bennett