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Recruiters vs job apps – why the human touch wins

by Heat Recruitment

The growth of digitalisation in all job markets has proliferated faster than any tech genius could have predicted. Chatbots are finding their way into the legal sector, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are changing the face of financial services forever, and AI has automated many areas of manufacturing engineering. It truly is taking over, and recruitment is no exception to the rule.

While digital tools and programmes are improving the productivity of recruitment specialists, the use of job apps such as LinkUp, Career Builder and LinkedIn are also in a state of growth. And of course, why not? Having the information at the tap of a button – enabling you to upload your CV and apply to jobs in less than a minute – offers the fast-paced convenience that many millennials and Gen-Z crave and are very much used to.

It’s no surprise that job boards such as Indeed and Reed are also branching out to apps. These boards can be utilised well by recruiters as they provide access to candidates, space to advertise their own jobs and the ability to gain further reach and access. However, not all job apps have the human touch necessary to create a perfect placement. In fact, for many candidates it’s just the first step.

So, why are recruiters more effective?

Personal relationships

The recruitment sector relies on relationship-building – listening and matchmaking candidates to a company and position that reflects the prospective employees’ own interests. While algorithms are advancing and robots are being taught to think like a human, we are still a long way from that world.

Taking the opportunity to speak with a recruiter is a perfect way to transform your CV into a detailed account of the person you are. The information we can get from one telephone conversation is abundant and can really help us to get to know you.

It’s a candidate-driven market and people seeking employment in 2019 know what they want and will open up fully and effectively through human interaction. It’s impossible to get everything across through an electronic app. After all, they are only as good as the data you are asked to put into them. Conversation can cover a much wider bases.

Loss of your network

LinkedIn is a truly vital platform. With over 95% of recruiters, including us, using it to source candidates, we don’t have anything negative to say about it! That said, a digital platform is only useful if you use it well. There is a common misconception that the bigger your network on LinkedIn the better. After all, it gives you more opportunities to be seen, right? Not always, in fact, think about it. How many of your contacts have you actually engaged with on LinkedIn? How many of them know what you do?

Overreliance on social media platforms for networking and job opportunities should be avoided. To get a healthy balance, make sure you keep in contact with your favourite recruiter as well as being up to date with all of the latest tech tools.

Additional services on offer

Modesty doesn’t take you very far in recruitment, if as an agency you aren’t advertising all of your additional services, you may be placing yourself at the back of a very long queue. Here at Heat, for example, we pride ourselves in giving the full service. We offer an advanced CV building service and create individual, bespoke and tailored profiles for each candidate. On top of that, as a prerequisite, we spend a total of about 20 to 30 minutes prepping each candidate to ensure they are primed and ready for the interview.

Our expert team also takes time to write informative blogs and whitepapers to ensure that candidates are fully up to date with what’s current in their sector.

These additional quips and offerings are what push you to the forefront of the candidate pile. They arm you with the additional skills you need to ace the hiring process. Job apps are useful and have the potential to become an indispensable tool in the future. However, they lack a certain human element and empathy that will provide you with the best possible chance to land that dream job.

If you need any assistance on improving your recruitment process we have put together an Employer Resource hub, with information and dive on recruitment and interview strategies. Or you can speak directly to one of our recruitment team.

by Ross Bennett