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Why Providing Feedback to Candidates in the Interview Process is Essential

by Heat Recruitment

You recently received a call about a new job opportunity, it fitted in perfectly with your career direction and aspirations. As you enthusiastically accepted the invitation for the interview, so began your preparation to impress and hopefully secure the placement. The interview went great – you left with an air of confidence and relief; YES – finally, “I’m heading in a step in the right direction”.

You awaited a call with the results, however, you didn’t receive one…

Needless to say the situation above would be frustrating to anyone. With no call back after the interview, that you prepared so strongly for you have probably self-concluded you weren’t successful.  That said an explanation and feedback as to why, was not only expected but would have been appreciated.

With thousands going into the creating and building of company image it takes more than just strategic marketing and advertising to uphold a respected reputation. Brand protection as well as the company groundwork needs to remain consistent behind the scenes to be an envied competitor in the jobs market industry.

The interview process is an important chance for prospective employees and employers to sell themselves, demonstrate what is good about them. As a Hiring Manager, you deal with hundreds of potential employee’s as well as multiple tasks. However, the hiring mistake of interviewees NOT receiving feedback, may hinder your personal professional reputation as well as the Company’s wider reputation.

Social media is becoming a more active means of communication among businesses and with news and opinions travelling faster than ever in the digital age, people’s views can be aired in public within an instant, this could evoke emotional, knee jerk reactions. If a candidate feels they have been mistreated, this could be viewed, liked and shared by friends also including contacts within the industry. Negative online feedback from an applicant could not only damage your Company’s reputation it could also mean the future hunt to fill your positions becomes ever more challenging.

It’s a given that mistakes will be made, however some mistakes are more reversible than others. Feedback to every applicant is not always going to be possible, but it is important to consider that once the bridges have been burnt between yourself and a skilled, able individual you may have lost a potential future employee and current and future consumers to your Company. Generally, regardless of the outcome of an interview, a candidate will always appreciate the feedback. Candidates should be respected at all stages of the application process and a call with personalised feedback or a rejection letter is a respectful gesture to unsuccessful candidates, who would then hopefully think of your firm in a positive light, now and moving forwards.

Therefore, not giving feedback after an interview can and will be to your own detriment. Can you find more information on the interview process in our Employer Services Resource.