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Pros and cons of relocating for your job?

by Heat Recruitment

What happens if you get offered your dream job, but it involves a total relocation? You may find the concept of upping and leaving a familiar place quite daunting. However, before you make your decision and uproot, it’s important to consider the possible pros and cons of relocating for work.

Are you moving to a more exciting city?

First things first, where are you going? Whether abroad or a domestic move, one of the most important considerations you have to make is, would you prefer to live there? Small steps can be made to improve the likelihood of your enjoyment of this new town or city. Take a trip down for the weekend and spend your time walking around, scope out some nice restaurants, check where the nearest convenience shops and supermarkets are. A better awareness of the surrounding area will help you visualise whether you will see your life there. 

Pros: You may find somewhere that is a much better fit for you

Cons: You may leave behind somewhere that was better for you and your career development.

Are there bigger and better opportunities?

One of the key considerations you should make when offered a new opportunity in places afar is what does this role offer you that your current role will not. If you can’t identify how this role would be better for your career, then it might be worth having a rethink. On the other hand, moving to a new, bigger, more global (or whatever it is that is drawing you to the new position) company can exponentially develop your career and propel you to new heights. A possibility like this could be too good to pass up.

Pros: This could be an opportunity to fast track your career

Cons: Although on face value the opportunity looks bigger, how will you ensure you don’t stagnate? 

Will this give you the opportunity to expand your network?

Once you have decided whether you could live and work in your new location it’s time to start getting excited about the people you will have the opportunity to meet. Not only will you be surrounded by a new working team, but you will be immersed in a new community. Put yourself out of your comfort zone, join a sports team or simply speak to a stranger in the coffee shop queue. One of the most exciting things about relocation is the new friendships and relationships that you can make to truly connect you to your new chosen base.

Pros: You can meet new people and form fresh relationships

Cons: You leave behind people you love and it’s up to you and your efforts to stay in touch.

Can you afford it?

One of the most logical considerations to make is whether or not you can afford the move. This encompasses a number of factors. Will you get a pay increase? Will the pay increase go further or does it even out? What is your new cost of living? How much is the rent? A full budgeting session is necessary to ensure that you’re giving yourself the best quality of life.

Pros: You could be better off

Cons: You may find the move financially challenging, perhaps enforcing lifestyle changes.

Will it improve your work/life balance? 

Another important decision to analyse. Start off by looking at your commute, is it longer or shorter? Do you have the option for flexible working? Whatever it is that you would like to implement to improve your work/life balance can be a key deciding factor on whether you stay or you go. Start by making a personal goal for example getting into shape or spending more time with the kids and think about whether this job will aid or hinder your personal time. After all, you are uprooting your life for a role so you should be able to benefit from something in return.

Pros: You can implement new practices into your role to improve your work/life balance

Cons: You already had established routines that will now have to be recreated 

Are you putting off a faster promotion?

Many before you have been tempted by the abundant zeros on the end of an attractive salary proposition. Sure, a pay rise is always a good thing, however when making a huge decision such as relocation it can really pay to consider what it is you’re giving up for this pay hike. 

For example, if you have been in a company for a few years it’s likely your team and senior management know your skills, capability and potential and you may be well on your way to the next position. If you’re to move however, you’re effectively starting again in terms of having to prove yourself and your worth. Consider what’s most important to you and how you can get there quicker before taking a big leap of faith.

Pros: You may be offered a pay rise and a faster promotion 

Cons: It will take time to build up reputation 

If you are considering relocating for work, get in touch with Heat Recruitment. We can offer sound advice and options to ensure you’re making the right decision.

by Ross Bennett