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Preview: The Future of Bristol as a Regional Capital

by Heat Recruitment

Back in 2015, Bristol was the most productive (£30.0 phw) economy of all the British Core Cities, two years later it time to look ahead.

Our CEO Steve Preston will be one of the speakers at the upcoming The Future of Bristol as a Regional Capital event.

The event will explore how regional capitals are developing their city areas, urban regeneration, transport and infrastructure plans to build the regional capitals of the future.  Heat have a speaker on the panel to work with a series of public and private sector partners to deliver a synopsis focusing on the following key areas;

  • Inward Investment
  • Recruitment
  • Regeneration
  • Retail and leisure offering
  • Transport and Infrastructure
  • Devolution

The event will take on a panel question and answer format with keynote speakers selected by the regional editor.  An audience of over a hundred is anticipated in the iconic setting of the SS Great Britain.

What do the next 5 years look like for Bristol?

There are bold plans for Bristol: a £300m campus for the University of Bristol in the Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone, the forthcoming MetroBus transit system, and a long-awaited new arena to name but three of the upcoming ventures.

We hope to explore the importance of these and other schemes, what the city should do to attract inward investment, and what the priorities should be when devolution begins. As far as commercial development is concerned, what’s happening now and which areas are ripe for regeneration?

 How can Bristol build on its existing strengths in sectors such as aerospace, professional services and science/technology? Will retail and leisure play an increasingly important role in the mix?

  • What are the challenges for Bristol and how are they being addressed?
  • How are education providers working with businesses to provide the skills necessary to support future growth?

This is your opportunity to meet with other local companies and convey your views on the future of Bristol.

Come say hello at the event, of if you have any questions in advance, please get in touch on the email address below.

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