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Our Heat Trainees: Where are they now?

One of the things we’re most proud to offer at Heat is a clear pathway for progression. From the first day with us, every employee knows exactly what route they can take and the various progression routes available and how to get there. Our process is totally fair, with everyone having the exact same set of targets to hit and behaviours to demonstrate in order to progress to their next promotion. Everyone has an equal opportunity to take their career in their desired direction.

The success of this system is clear: we have a wealth of success stories within the business, with 5 of our current directors having started at Heat as trainees, and countless others making fantastic progress within their careers at Heat.

We spoke with some of our trainees from across the years, from recent new starters to those who have been within the business for years, to find out what drew them to Heat, how they found being a trainee within the business, and their aspirations for the future.

Emma Latchem: Senior Recruitment Consultant, Legal (2+years at Heat)

“Before I joined Heat, I actually worked as a property manager, but I was attracted to Heat because there were loads of opportunities for progression and clear paths to get there. Plus, the culture seemed excellent. Because I joined right before the first lockdown, my experience as a trainee was definitely different: I only actually worked for about 2 months before going onto furlough, but I still enjoyed it and found everyone so friendly and welcoming!

My proudest achievement so far really has been being promoted to senior as quickly as I did. I did find the end of last year really challenging as the market was tough, but I’m pleased I powered through as this year is going much better so far! In terms of my future, I’m now working towards promotion to Principal, and eventually Manager. I like helping people, so I can naturally see myself going down the people-management path.”
emma latchem headshot smiling

Jemma Smith: Recruitment Consultant, Public Sector (8 months at Heat)

“I used to work in contracts, compliance and payroll for a recruitment company, so I had some insight into the industry already when starting. I’d read that Heat had won a lot of awards, and when I interviewed here I felt really welcomed: the training was great, everyone was so friendly, and I found it enjoyable. I feel proud that I’ve become very resilient within work, and this in turn has actually made me more resilient in my personal life. My ambition is the move up to a senior-level recruiter, and I’m trying to take every position I am recruiting for as an opportunity and giving it my full determination.”
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Holly Dixon: Managing Delivery Consultant, Insurance (3+ years at Heat)

“I joined Heat as a graduate: I’m a very competitive person, so recruitment seemed the obvious option to me, and I found that Heat was a really friendly company compared to everywhere else I interviewed. The training program has definitely come on leaps and bounds since I started! It was really challenging in the beginning and trying to understand a totally new industry with targets to hit was not easy. It’s definitely a lot more sophisticated now. My proudest moment was being promoted to Senior: I never thought I would get there! Being invited along to the Best Company Awards in London was also a highlight. Moving into a management role has definitely been challenging but rewarding. I’m working on building our team to be as successful as possible. I’m hoping I might even get to Associate Director level at some point.”
holly dixon wearing a blue dress

Hadden Smith: Recruitment Consultant, Digital & Tech (8 months at Heat)

“I joined Heat straight out of university as a trainee: I chose them because I knew they had a good reputation, as well as their rugby affiliation as this is something that I’m interested in. I definitely found the trainee program tough, but ultimately rewarding. It takes a certain character to be successful in recruitment, but the reward is worth it: my first time billing and receiving that commission was a proud moment! There have been definite challenges, for any newbie breaking into the industry it’s going to be a challenge, but I’ve got big aspirations for my future at Heat. I’m working towards getting my own flat in Bristol, and generally killing it in my role and billings.”
hadden smith wearing a white t-shirt

Alice Woodruff: Senior Recruitment Consultant, Financial Services (2 years & 6 months at Heat)

“I had just finished uni and was working in retail. I knew a couple of friends who worked in recruitment already, and the commission potential definitely appealed to me. Heat stood out because of the people: I got shown around the office and everyone was just so friendly. The interview process was also a lot more streamlined, which was much better. Once I’d joined, the training program was comprehensive: we went through the training process in the order of how the recruitment process happens in real life, from sourcing through to the offer stage, which was really helpful. I’m proud of being promoted to senior, and I’m working on a promotion to principal.”
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Ella Rayson: Recruitment Consultant, Insurance (8 months at Heat)

“Before joining Heat I was at university, so I joined as a graduate. I’d read reviews online about how nice the people were, and I could see the awards they had won, so it seemed like a good place to work. It was good joining with lots of other people in the same intake and training in person: I much prefer training face to face over online formats. It’s been challenging trying to break into the industry and obtain new clients in the London market, but I’ve been proud of my progress: a highlight was my first ever 100% placement. I’m working towards hitting my targets to get on the incentive trip to Edinburgh later this year!”
Ella Rayson headshot with sea background

Jacob McNally: Recruitment Consultant, Financial Services (8 months at Heat)

“I joined Heat as a Graduate: I chose Heat after looking at their website, having conversations with people here and getting a sense of the business. They also have great sporting partnerships which appeals to me. I ultimately found the training experience good; it was fun and enjoyable; the only difficult part was the impact of the pandemic. I personally found it difficult working from home and not being in the office, especially since the market has been tough anyway due to Covid. But Heat have been really accommodating and being back in the office I’m now working towards promotion. My proudest moment so far has naturally been the first 100% deal I made- that and passing my probation! I’m working towards getting a house eventually, as well as becoming one of the best recruiters in the office.”
Jacob mcnally headshot with purple circle border

Marcus Knapp: Senior Recruitment Consultant, Digital & Tech (2+years at Heat)

“I joined Heat after I finished my university degree. I met with a few other agencies, but Heat won out because of the culture. That was a big part for me: the management and leadership team had clear ideas about how they wanted to train people and help them to progress. This really appealed to me. I found the training program really well structured; it covered the whole recruitment process from start to finish so that you aren’t just thrown in the deep end. You have a clear understand of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

The hardest moment was coming back after furlough as a trainee, as we were working in an extremely tough market; but I’m proud of my promotion to senior consultant after having started as a trainee. I’m working towards leading a team of consultants to work alongside me.”
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Ashley Wilson: Recruitment Consultant, Public Sector (5 months at Heat)

“I was working in a call centre prior to joining Heat. I was drawn to the company as recruitment sounded interesting, and conversations that I had with members of the team at Heat really sold the company to me and made me sure it would be the right fit. In terms of the training, there was a lot to take in, but everyone was welcoming and helpful whenever I needed anything. The compliance aspect of my role can be challenging, as it’s such a long process, but the satisfaction and reward when you get your contractor started is worth it. I’m currently working towards my next promotion sometime in the near future!”
ashley wilson headshot with heat logo behind

Lucy Warman: Managing Consultant, Financial Services (4 years at Heat)

“After graduating from university, I did a ski season and then went travelling around Asia from money I’d saved up working in hospitality. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next in my career, but I knew the things that were most important to me were the training, culture and career opportunities available to me. That’s why Heat was so appealing, as it ticked all of those boxes. Initially, I found the training quite overwhelming as it takes a while to find your feet in recruitment. But everyone was so friendly, and we would often socialize after work, which definitely helped the process.

I’m incredibly proud that I’ve moved from trainee, to consultant, to senior and then to managing consultant all within a 4-year window. My best advice is to always push through when you reach tough patches, and just keep going!

My team is looking to make their own steps into management, so I’ll be helping out with their learning and development: the goal is to grow the team and have a succession plan for my region. I’m also working on getting myself and my team onto the upcoming Edinburgh incentive trip, as well as hitting our yearly targets.”
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It’s fair to say that a lot has changed when it comes to our training program over the years. Continual investment into our learning and development offering has allowed us to offer a much more sophisticated, well-thought out and specially developed program that is designed to offer the best possible start for our trainees as they begin their career in the world of recruitment. It’s become increasingly important to us that our trainees are aware of the level of progression that is available to them from the outset. Gone are the days where recruitment was viewed as a career for the short term: we want people to join Heat with the knowledge that there is the support and opportunity to build their reputation and portfolio, expand their skillset and knowledge, and become a genuine specialist in their market. With a career at Heat, the sky truly is the limit.


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If you’re wondering if a career in recruitment is the right path for you, why not attend one of our Assessment Days? We run regular open days and assessment days for trainees, and we will also be running our Graduate Scheme over the summer. To find out more, get in touch with us our Talent Acquisition team Emily Coughtrie and Claudia Sealey today.