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Our Heat Heroes & Q3 Champion for September 2023

As the penultimate quarter of 2023 draws to a close, we celebrate our Heat Heroes and Champion for the quarter…

In a break from tradition, we decided this month to have 2 joint winners of the Heat Hero award; given that these 2 are both first-time winners of the award, we’re pleased to be celebrating both of their achievements this month.

Our first winner…

Our first winner is a dedicated recruiter who is usually the first one in the office, and while things haven’t always been plain-sailing for her, she’s definitely found her stride now and is absolutely smashing it as a result. Her colleagues have said:

“She is a great example of all of our values”, “Hattie is always positive and hard-working”, and “She should be incredibly proud of herself and her resilience for this job is incredible and I have no doubt she will go very far as a recruiter!”

Congratulations to Hattie Tilley!

Our second winner…

Our next winner has also had an up and down start to life in recruitment, but the last few months have certainly had a transformative impact on her, and she has turned the corner in her recruitment career and is really kicking on now, which is great to see.

She has been described as “more focused than ever, and is making a conscious effort to learn and take on board all the coaching she is getting”, and is “a delight to be around in the office.”

Congratulations to Melissa Healy!


And finally, our Heat Champion:

Our champion for this quarter has had a record quarter, is leading the way and setting a great example as the top consultant on our contract team. He’s had a “very impressive” year so far, has been described as “a great character to have in the business”, and “nothing short of a Heat Hero”.

Congratulations to our Heat Champion for Q3, Ashley Wilson!


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