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“It’s a no from me.” EU workers turning down opportunities in Britain during skills shortage

by Heat Recruitment

how is brexit effect jobs marketThis week, a new study has been released from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) regarding the influence Brexit is having on the job market, and it’s not good news.

It’s becoming increasingly more evident that there is a skill shortage in key sectors such with some such as engineers, IT specialists and accountants particularly effected. The REC found that levels of vacancies were at their weakest for 16 months, following the Brexit vote, almost a year ago.

With Theresa May failing to guarantee rights of EU nationals in the early stages of negotiations, coupled with the weakened pound, people are clearly not willing to take the risk right now by moving to the UK. Now this could be seen as a positive situation for some UK based applicants, however the risk is that projects will move to European offices rather than UK ones, on top of a record low investment from the government on skills, training and higher education.

The REC Chief Executive, Kevin Green said,

“Demand for staff is growing within all sectors and all regions of the UK, but there are fewer and fewer people available to fill the vacancies.”

“We have the lowest unemployment rate since 2005 and people already in work are becoming more hesitant about moving jobs amid Brexit uncertainty. Meanwhile, the weakening pound and lack of clarity about future immigration rules is putting off some EU nationals from taking up roles in the UK.”

The REC isn’t the only group to express concern recently about the job market, with several business groups also left worried. There are demanding calls from these people, and specifically Kevin Green, urging the government to make sure that the job market remains agile and moveable after Brexit.

They are also urging the government to invest in skills and career advice as the UK falls short on applications into the job market.

The REC research was conducted by interviewing 400 recruitment agencies to see what they were seeing on the sector, and the general conscious was seen to be a job market that is slowing down as more people look to secure their future away from the UK.

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