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New year, new role: When is the best time to move?

It may feel a little bit early to be thinking about the festive season but, as the end of the year fast approaches, now may actually be the best time to line up a new role for the new year…

As we enter the final quarter of this year, we are used to hearing in our industry that individuals are opting to wait until the Christmas period is over before they start considering their position and open themselves up to new opportunities. And no wonder: the months leading up to Christmas are always a flurry of impending deadlines, squeezed-in appointments, last-minute Christmas shopping, and plenty of social events to fit in. Amongst all of this chaos, job hunting might understandably be the last consideration on anyone’s mind.  But, while there are plenty of logical reasons to wait, we’re going to look a little closer into why this might not be the wisest move- particularly in the current hiring market.


Is 3 months the new norm for notices?

Although some sectors are used to extended notice periods of 3 months or so, we have found that this is becoming far more commonplace in general, particularly for more experienced candidates. Over the past 12 months, we have seen a definite increase across the board of extended notice periods, with many professionals in the market now needing to work out a three-month notice as opposed to a singular month-long one. With this in mind, individuals who are planning to make a change and have a fresh start in the new year should ensure they are starting to lay the groundwork for this early, and double check the terms of their contract!


So, when is really the best time to look for a new role?

There is a common misconception that January is the optimal time to find a new role: the start of a new year often heralds new beginnings, new opportunities, and a fresh start. Along with joining a gym, cutting out bad habits, and picking up new hobbies, many find themselves looking for a change of pace and a new challenge in the form of a new role. The reality is, although January might seem like the optimal time to start your search, with the festive period well and truly over, January is often a slow-moving month for hiring. Businesses are finalising their promotions, year-end reviews, and pay rises from the latter end of the year, waiting for approvals on budgets for the year ahead, and generally getting back into the swing of things. Hiring often becomes a lesser priority and, when it does come back to the top of the list, job vacancies are inundated with applications from those individuals who, having come back to a job they are dissatisfied with in the post-Christmas stupor, are desperate for a change. Leaving your search until the new year will undeniably result in you going up against far more competition for the roles available.


The solution?

Get ahead of the competition by laying the groundwork for your career move now. Even if you don’t want to move straight away, you can start putting feelers out for roles that begin in the new year and save yourself the stress of competing with countless other individuals who have waited out the festive period before considering their careers. The joy of utilising a trusted recruitment specialist to aid you in your search is that they will take the more stressful elements of job-seeking away from you: providing your CV and having a simple conversation about what exactly you’re looking for in your next role is all that is required at this point. It’s important to start considering what sort of salary and benefits package you are looking to consider, as well as what sort of progression and opportunities you’re hoping to see in your next role.

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