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Never dive into the job market without a plan. #NCW2017

So you are Newly Qualified and looking to decide your long term career path:

As a newly qualified Accountant, no matter what industry sector you have trained within this is an ideal opportunity for you decide the long-term direction of your career.

To ensure that you choose the correct career path for yourself; analyse your skill set and experiences and decide on what you have enjoyed to date.

Ask yourself where you want to be in your career short and long term?

You don’t want to tarnish your name within the employment market by organising and attending several interviews with potential employers and then rejecting them at the final stage as you will be wasting not only yours but their time as well. This can seriously hinder your chances in the future if you look to re-approach a company

Establish the reasons for your move

Before approaching the jobs market ensure you have exhausted all avenues of opportunity with your current employer.

It is important that you ask yourself why you are looking to move on, be honest with your assessment of your current situation:

  1. Will the same issues / problems arise in future positions?
  2. Are you being realistic with your requirements from the role, for example salary or career progression?
  3. Are you leaving for positive reasons rather than negative ones?
  4. Do you have specific areas of interest that can be met by moving to a similar role in a new company?
  5. What have I enjoyed to date?
  6. Are their areas of your skill set you are looking to improve?
  7. Can I establish my career goals with my present company?
  8. Are you 100% sure of moving?
Identify what you want from your Next Company.

By analysing what you enjoy you should be able to establish what your preferences are and be able to start shaping your future.

These questions should help you to build up a picture of what you are after

  1. What is your preferred working environment / culture?
  2. How comfortable are you working in a hierarchical structure?
  3. Do you envisage working in a global organisation?
  4. How much travel would you be prepared to do?
  5. How much customer contact do you want?
  6. How important is money to you?
  7. How much freedom would you want to make your own decisions?
  8. How much do you need to feel valued in your role?
  9. How much career development would you demand in your next role?
  10. Do you envisage managing people? If so, how soon?
  11. How much strategic control would you want, if any?


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