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Navigating the Hiring Landscape: Recruitment Types

When you think of the word ‘recruitment’, what is the first thing that comes into your head? Chances are, you already have a good idea of what external recruitment is and how it works; but many people aren’t actually aware of the different types of recruitment options that are out there and how they differ from each other. To help you navigate the complexities of the recruitment world and break down the meaning behind the jargon, we’ve constructed this article to shed some light on the different options that are out there, and we’ve even included some case studies to show you how these different solutions actually work in action.

Contingency Recruitment

Contingency Recruitment is the option to choose when you either have multiple roles open or a vacancy that needs to be filled urgently, and where there is a large talent pool to pick from. Historically, these roles could be filled with the best talent as quickly as possible due to the competitive nature of the contingency option. However, changes to the hiring climate and the widespread shortage of talent in the market, this option has decreased in popularity in favor of the retained option. With contingency recruitment, clients are under no obligation to interview the candidates that are put forward for their roles, nor do they pay any fees until they have chosen to hire: nothing is paid upfront.

Case Study

The Brief: Our client, a national insurance client covering multiple regions within the UK, needed to appoint a Senior Account Handler to work within their offices in the Midlands. The required candidate needed a breadth of experience within the market and a high-level skillset. While there was allowance for some remote work, this particular role required at least part of the working week to be completed within the office, so the required candidate would need to be within commutable distance.

Our Process: The role was released to us via a portal and we spoke to the hiring manager to find out the exact specifications and requirements of the role, and to explain what we could offer from our talent pool. We reached out to a candidate within our internal network of sector professionals whom we had been in touch with some months ago in June. Initially there hadn’t been a suitable role available, but our client’s position was the perfect fit.

The Result: The vacancy was released to us at the end of the year: we sent the candidates CV to the hiring manager on the 4th of January, and within 10 days an offer was made and accepted by the candidate. The process was slick and efficient, and we continue to work with and support the hiring needs of the client today.

Why Contingency? Due to the nature of the client’s brief and their need to hire within a specific region, contingency was the best option for them: we were able to utilise our existing network of talented professionals and match them up to the role and provide a swift solution to the clients needs.


Retained & Executive Search

Retained & Executive Search gives the client a promise of a dedicated consultant who will work exclusively with you to find the best talent to fill your role. The Retained & Executive Search option gives a mutual guarantee to both client and consultant and is usually the best option for hard-to-fill positions that require a specific high-level skillset due to the dedicated time and efforts that are required to source and secure the perfect fit for your requirements. The retained approach is best when you need to hire from very limited talent pools or when demand outstrips supply, as this approach will greatly increase your prospect of finding success with the right talent.

Case Study

The Brief: our client, a Top 100 Law Firm, was looking to recruit and Employment Solicitor to work in Hampshire. After an in-depth meeting with our client understanding their specifications and mapping the market, a list of candidates was drawn up and 25 were then selected for our shortlist.

Our Process: Once our shortlist was established, we approached each of the candidates on our list on a headhunting basis to gauge their interest in the role. Out of those we approached, 2 candidates were found that were interested in our client’s position.

The Result: The entire process was smooth, slick and efficient. We were able to fill our client’s position within 3 weeks of our initial instruction and maintained regular contact with the Hiring managers throughout, and they managed to secure their preferred candidate within a much shorter timeframe than they had allocated.

Why Retained & Executive? Retained & Executive Search was the ideal recruitment option for our client due to the precise requirements of the role: our client needed to recruit within a competitive market for a high-level and in-demand skillset, and the role required candidates to work within a specific location. Because of this, a targeted head-hunting process was required, making the retained and executive service the best approach to find the best talent to fill our client’s role.


Contract Recruitment

Contract Recruitment is the ideal option when you are looking for an individual with the specific skillset to handle or accelerate a specific project, or for temporary positions such as maternity and paternity cover. Contract recruitment is the best solution to opt for when you have a very specific assignment which you only foresee lasting for a set time period, rather than a permanent need or position within your company. Using our network of experienced contract professionals, we will find the right candidate to step in and meet your requirements. As well as this, we also provide a weekly payroll and timesheet service, offering a full end-to-end solution.

Case Study

The Brief: our client, a successful and growing Medical Device company branched from one of the most notorious Universities in the USA, required urgent support due to a gap in one of their ongoing projects.

Our Process: we were able to utilise our database and network to swiftly find 3 suitable candidates with a breadth of suitable experience for the role to put forward.

The Result: The role was filled within a week of our first initial conversation with the client about their requirement, and we are continuing to support the business today with their ongoing projects and recruitment needs.

Why Contract? As the role needed to be filled quickly to support with a gap in a particular project, the contract option was the most suitable as it allowed us to utilise our existing network of contract professionals to find someone with the ideal skillset, knowledge and availability to meet the client’s needs.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (or RPO) is a highly customisable form of recruitment which allows you to outsource either some or all of your permanent recruitment process to us. This is a highly bespoke option which gives clients the assurance of dedicated recruiters, analytics and technology to form a cohesive talent acquisition strategy that has the agility to adapt and pivot to suit the needs of your business as they change. This option is typically suited for higher volume or large recruitment campaigns and can be a highly cost-effective solution in this instance.


If you are still unsure which type of recruitment would best fit the needs of your business, please get in touch with us today on 0345 375 1747 and we can find the best fit for your requirements.