Top tips for job searching if you are looking for a job in digital marketing

by Heat Recruitment

In 2018, brands in the UK and US allocated 23 per cent of their budgets to digital marketing – a figure up 16 per cent from 2017. Digital marketing is proliferating and it’s no surprise with the majority of consumers and brands altering their spending patterns to align online and offline demand.  

The traditional marketing role is barely recognisable now, and adaption of the workforce has been paramount to support and comply with these developments. Along with it has come a generous increase in median salary which now sits at £45,000 for a Digital Marketing Manager, up a healthy 5.88% in the past six months, compared to the previous year.

It’s a perfect time to pursue a career in digital marketing, and due to that a competitive one. Here’s how to put yourself ahead of curve and stand out when looking for the best role for you: 

Practice what you preach

Digital marketing can cover a plethora of channels, including but not limited to blogging, content creation, animation curation and social media. Social media specifically has been a key driver in business since its adoption, with over 60 per cent of businesses using it to promote products or their own brand.  

With that in mind, hiring professionals will want to see what you have done with your own social media. If you label yourself a Twitter expert but haven’t posted a personal tweet since the release of the iPhone 3G, your abilities could well be questioned.

Personal blogging and covering topics that are trending in the sector are also a good way to impress a hiring manager. Staying on top of your industry will set you apart from your competition and give you that extra appeal. Just remember over 70 per cent of recruiters will check your social media, so ensure it’s reflecting the great work that you do daily.

Present your portfolio or website

 The days of lugging a heavy portfolio to your interviews may well be over, but when embarking into a creative profession the proof really is in the pudding. It is simple to create websites now with the wide adoption of WordPress. This will allow you to evidence your creative ability in an online portfolio format. It shows you have gone the extra mile and is convenient to access in an interview. If you created video content as part of your previous job, or perhaps a Whitepaper, give companies clear evidence of this.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in – digital marketing is being adopted by all sectors. The insurance industry would be a great example of industries shaking off their traditional stereotypes and branching out to new areas. Aviva, for example, have an engaging blog, insurance mediator Compare the Market have mastered animation with their meerkats, and of course you must have seen the Winston Wolf appearances on Direct Line advertisements. Even influencers are making the cut! Show off your involvement in big projects and you are bound to impress. 

Consider a creative CV

If digital marketing is what you do, why not prepare a digitally marketed CV for your job of choice? Creating a virtual and engaging resume, or perhaps even a video version not only exhibits your expertise, but it shows innovation and passion. In fact, creative CVs are becoming abundantly popular. So, master the art before you get left behind and don’t forget to link to your website or portfolio! 

Consider digital marketing specific networking

Networking is one of the top tools in any business person’s arsenal. However, if you have a sector of choice – and more specifically a job of choice – refine your search. Consider heading to EventBrite to search ‘digital marketing conferences’, ‘digital marketing workshops’ or ‘digital marketing events’. The website will refine these by location and you can determine exactly where you want to go.

One of the leading conferences DIGIMARCON could be a good choice for any aspiring Digital Marketing Manager who wants access to the top players in the industry. Taking place in a majority of cities across the UK, including Bristol, Cardiff and London, accessibility shouldn’t be an issue with this one.  

Alternatively, EventBrite also host a selection of free and low-cost events. Attending these is a great way to meet relevant people interested in the same sector as you. When attending be sure to record it as evidence to support your job interviews. Check in on social media, write a blog of the key points or simply bring it up in conversation to ensure the interviewer knows you have a passion for your specialism. 

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by Amber Rowbottom