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How to get the Best outcome from your Interview – #NCW2017

by Chris Birtle

We can all agree it is going to be a daunting experience so make sure you are prepared and follow these basic Interview guidelines:


Make a good 1st Impression at your Interview

Dress to impress
Demonstrate open and positive body language
Deliver a firm handshake
Thank the Interviewer for their time


Before your interview, make sure you know the following

  1. The exact time and location of your interview, transport options, parking and how long it will take to get there.
  2. The interviewer’s correct title and pronunciation of his or her full name.
  3. Company facts – including its history, financial position, mission, markets, competitors, latest news etc. The company’s website is often an excellent source for this information. If you know the name of your interviewer(s) it is well worth looking them up as well; it can only impress if you mention an article they have written or had written about them.
  4. Facts and figures about your present or former employer. Refresh your memory – you will be expected to know a lot about a company for which you have previously worked.
  1. Shake hands firmly.
  2. Sit upright in your chair and look interested at all times.
  3. Try to put on your best performance by demonstrating your interpersonal skills during the interview.
  4. Be a good listener – actively listen to the question and answer it – as well as a good talker.
  5. Smile and maintain eye contact.


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