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Q2 Insurance Sector roundup and FAQs

by Heat Recruitment

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We are 6 months into 2017 now, so we thought we’d catch up with Dave Dewey from the Insurance team to find out about your most frequently asked questions, the state of the insurance job market and what’s set to change into 2018 and beyond.

What have opportunities been like in Insurance in the first half of 2017?
So far in 2017, the opportunities within the Insurance sector have been great. There has been an abundance of roles available, from insurers to brokers and much more. The applications, in general, have also become of a much higher calibre, which is great to see. An impressive 25% of applications have come from applications across varying jobs boards, including the Heat website.

What do you think will happen for the rest of 2017 going into 2018?
Everything is looking very positive for the rest of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. It will continue to speed up and our 3rd to 4th quarter will most likely out perform the 1st quarter (this is our usual trend). So all in all, we are on the right tracks to finishing the year off positively.

Do you foresee any major changes in Insurance in the next couple of years that will affect training and recruitment in the sector?
Brexit hasn’t had a huge impact on the Insurance sector at the moment, therefore we don’t currently predict any drastic changes over the next couple of years. In our present situation, we are continuing to improve applications and are beating previous targets. As a team, we feel as though we are always improving and ensuring that we are keeping up with any changes. We also believe that our trainees are doing exceedingly well within all sectors, including Insurance. So, we’ll have to wait and see how Brexit may affect us!

How much opportunity is there in Insurance to keep training and gaining new qualifications?
There are always plenty of new qualifications, constantly being improved and kept up to date. Many of our clients ask for insurance qualifications, therefore, we recommend that it’s always good to have them. We feel as though graduates perform really well and succeed within the Insurance sector and we appear to be getting a lot more graduate roles opening up. Therefore its a good route to look at, as getting that first graduate job can prove rather difficult. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of candidates but we are continuing to look for other ways to find them in order to place candidates successfully. This is why we offer Insurance Trainers via Heat Training.

professional resume or curriculum vitae

What would you like to see more of in the applications you receive? Is there anything that jumps out at you that makes you put someone’s application straight in the shortlist pile?
We will initially always look at a candidates experience and this jumps out to us the most. We receive a lot of applications from people who don’t have any relevant experience and unfortunately, these are not the first applications to jump into the shortlist pile. Qualifications are of course a great thing to have however these are not often considered to be the most important factor, as there is always room to learn within the job. We are very keen to see a good career history without lots of job-hopping, as well as candidates who portray loyalty and are willing to learn.

Are there any particular skills you look for when looking at someone’s CV?
Skills that we look for on an applicant’s CV are very specific to the role. If for example, we have a sales role open then we would be keen to find someone with a proven good track record, someone who is happy with KPIs, an overachiever and people with positive and committed attitudes. It is also possible for us to take someone who has a great track record within sales and place them into an insurance role, creating fewer restrictions.

What is the biggest skills gap in Insurance in 2017?
Generally, there is a shortage of graduate level people yet there doesn’t appear to be a primary skill gap. However, it would be a positive to see some more people with commercial experience. It isn’t a huge struggle to find people with this commercial experience however we do have to work a little harder to find these candidates and it can take slightly longer than other areas.

Dave Dewey is one of our Managing Consultants specialising in Insurance. Connect with him on LinkedIn here or call to have a chat on 0117 922 1771

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