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Insurance and marketing: the ultimate career of choice

by Heat Recruitment

Looking for the next step in your marketing career? Want to switch to a better, more rewarding job that pays well and offers exciting opportunities for development? As the largest industry of its kind in Europe, insurance is a dynamic sector where innovation is the key to success and creative ideas are welcome. If you think working for an insurance firm means sitting in a stuffy, stale environment, you may not have got the memo: fuelled by developments in digital technology and regulatory change, the sector is undergoing transformation.

For marketers seeking a new challenge and the chance to make an impact, there’s never been a better time to join the insurance sector. Whether as a digital marketing executive or in a managerial position, insurance and marketing could be the career of choice for a budding professional eager to put their skills to good use.

A rewarding career

Insurance underpins the security of both individuals and businesses: join this industry and you will be working in one of the most important parts of the UK economy. Employing over 400,000 people in the UK, insurance contributes nearly £12 billion in taxes and has more than £1.7 trillion of invested assets. Whether for a traditional insurance market behemoth or a small InsureTech start-up, a career in insurance marketing can prove highly rewarding if you are seeking a role in which your input will be felt and recognised across the business.

Job security

The very nature of insurance means people will always rely upon the sector to protect them from risk. Whether it’s for our health, a holiday, a home, a pet or a car, everyone purchases insurance in some form or fashion. In the business landscape, employers liability insurance is a legal requirement, while public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance are critical for companies working with the public or those offering advice.

Meanwhile, concerns about cybersecurity is creating demand from insurance companies for products that prevent and protect against the breach or loss of data and damage that might ensue. The undying need for insurance makes it a stable industry that is both recession-proof and Brexit-proof and can therefore offer job security to any talented marketer who comes on board.

The earning potential

For insurance firms, the first challenge in attracting loyal customers is breaking through the digital noise and generating interest in the company. While salaries for marketing professionals will vary significantly depending on the location, size and type of employer and the area of insurance, demand for experienced marketers in the sector is high – after all, every insurance broker knows the key to loyal customers is trust and reputation.

Without a talented marketing team in place, this will prove a challenge. For marketing managers in the insurance sector, a salary between £40-70K p/a is to be expected, while senior marketing executives are looking at a handsome average of £35-40K.

A great working environment

A fast-moving industry coupled with an increasingly digitalised society means insurance firms are eager to modernise quickly. Eager to keep ahead of the curve, most are in the process of changing how products and services are delivered, and increasingly they will change the nature of those products and services themselves. Nevertheless, an image problem born from perceptions from a time gone by still plague the insurance market. As a result, employers actively make a point of creating environments in which staff feel engaged, motivated and satisfied in their day-to-day working life.

If you are looking to pursue your marketing career within insurance, take a look at the exciting roles we have on offer.

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by Aaran Hodges