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Mindset is Everything

by Heat Recruitment


Don’t forget any interview you go to, you are in competition and you will need to sell yourself positively.

Why am I great?

Don’t be afraid to be proud of who you are and what you have done. If you have done something brilliant that makes you stand out, SHOUT ABOUT IT.

Follow this easy exercise and take a look at these names and ask yourself why they are high achievers?

Kelly Holmes, Lewis Hamilton, Richard Branson, Karren Brady

Now look at yourself, don’t be humble, ask the same question, these are the raw ingredients you need to shout about.

Make sure you come across as passionate as it may be the edge you need, let’s face it you will be competing against other people who are also keen to impress.

Think – what makes you stand out? If you have a Winning Mentality you will “beat the competition”.

Did you manage a project from start to finish (no matter how small)? If you took the initiative and the responsibly that’s great

Did you achieve something in record time?

Did you sell a record amount of whatever’s or did you bring real value to a company through your own efforts? Whatever it is – make sure people know!

Know your stuff, remember in an interview you are not expected to be an expert on their company, but you will be expected to be an expert on you.


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