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How to respond to negative reviews on Glassdoor

by Heat Recruitment

When dealing with negative feedback, particularly on Glassdoor, it can certainly be tricky to know how to respond. The popular term ‘keep calm and carry on’ doesn’t seem to apply here and typically a prompt and suitable response will suffice. There are also a few other factors to consider too:

Remain polite

Nobody likes criticism, it is human nature. That said, an aggressive response will not only leave you open for further jibes, but also shows a real lack of decorum. Glassdoor is a professional network and requires a polite tone. Be sure to thank the subject for their response before going on to try and resolve the issue.

Acknowledge every review

Whether good, bad or ugly, responding to each review individually and personally indicates a great sense of care. It also shows that you genuinely care. Only paying attention to positive reviews could indicate a blasé nature with no intention to resolve issues. It’s important to consider your market as well, 53 per cent of customers expect businesses to respond to negative reviews within a week – so just bear this in mind.

Have a proofing process

Like every business document, the last thing you want is a glaring typo in the middle of your text. Ensure you read, check and check again before posting. Depending on your level of seniority as well, it will definitely be worth running it past some senior colleagues before posting it. This small body of text could impact the whole business reputation, so ensure it has sign off.

Actions speak louder than words

It’s all very well responding to a review and leaving the trail to go cold. However, Glassdoor reviews have the power to impact your hiring. In a market where talent can be scarce, the last thing you want is candidates being put off by promises that haven’t been kept. Ensure you respond to reviews that require a change with your plan of intent, and keep the subject updated with progress. There are certainly no limits of how many times you can respond to a review – particularly when it’s with positive changes.

How to encourage positive reviews

It’s well known that humans typically are more likely to post a review if they are disgruntled, than if they are satisfied. That said, as a corporation it can be really helpful to request anonymous employee feedback. You may do this to find ways to improve, or to get a good indication of morale in the office. Following this exercise, if you sense morale is high, why not encourage your current staff to leave a Glassdoor review? On the flip-side, if you’re struggling with dissatisfaction amongst employees, there are some simple factors you could consider implementing:

These are a good place to start. Many staff may think that Glassdoor is only to be used when you leave the corporation, but this is simply not the case. If you are looking to expand and attract new talent, your current employees should be at the frontline providing feedback to potential candidates. It’s not entirely reflective to read a review from an ex-employee that may have been part of the team five years ago.

It takes work

A five out of five Glassdoor profile doesn’t just happen overnight. A strong commitment to your employer brand is vital, regular one-to-ones with your staff will encourage feedback and allow you to better your corporation and having a strong handle on employee relationships is important too. On top of this, gaining the knowledge of how to respond to negative reviews on Glassdoor will put you in good stead to respond quickly and avoid any catastrophic impact.

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