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How to produce the Best CV for Claims roles

by Heat Recruitment

Is my CV the Best for a Job in the Claims Industry?

Most people are missing the chance to produce their Best CV tailored for the role they are applying for.

It’s fair to say that after a number of years within recruitment I have seen my share of CV’s.  What always surprises me is that even within a specialist market such as insurance, the information that candidates tend to include can vary so much, and often misses out the critical detail the hiring manager needs to know when making a decision on whether to interview.

With this in mind, the following is my advice on the Information you should include in your Curriculum Vitae when applying for a Claims role in the Insurance Industry, from what I have learnt from the Claims managers I recruit for.

General CV Tips;

CV’s should be kept simple, the information should be quick and easily readable, as well as short and concise in the relaying of information to any Hiring Manager or CV gate keeper (usually a non-hiring manager selected to sift through applications looking for key words).

Remember, writing your CV will take time, however, this is definitely time well spent, as the better your CV the better your chances of securing your desired job.

You need to highlight the level of technical proficiency you are at, your achievements and situations where you have gone above and beyond your responsibilities when dealing with a customer, member of staff or client on your CV.

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Now the technical stuff;

Advise the reader of your CV the claims cycle and the stages that you are involved in.  For example, do you handle the Claim from inception through to settlement?

It is highly important that you outline the types of claims that you have dealt with i.e. Household, Motor, Personal Injury, El, PL, Professional Indemnity, Marine, Aviation, Clinical Negligence or Commercial.

Once you have identified your specialism you will then need to highlight the types of claims you have handled to ensure you produce your best CV:

For Example:

  • Household; Fire, Theft, Subsidence
  • Motor; Total Loss, Third Party, Disputed Liability, Credit Hire
  • Personal Injury; RTA, Whiplash, Serious Injury, Employer Liability, Public Liability
  • Industrial Disease; Vibration White Finger, Noise Induced Hearing Loss, COPD

The volume of claims that you are dealing at any one time for example managing a caseload of 250 claims

What authorities do you personally have when it comes to handling and settling claims? For example, you can handle claims up to £25,000 and settle claims in your portfolio with a value of £15,000.  This is perhaps one of the most important pieces of information as it helps to distinguish your technical experience over other candidates.

What SLA’s you have to work towards

Highlight the points of the largest claims handled and how you settled it in the best interest of the company and customer.

If you are working for a legal practice for example highlight the type of claims you are used to handling Plaintiff or Defendant.

Explain your specific achievements that will help in clearly distinguishing you from another candidate applying for the same role

Things an employer is looking for outside of technical proficiencies;

  • Longevity in previous roles
  • A desire to keep learning and progressing your career
  • An array of soft skills
  • State as succinctly as possible why you are the best candidate for the role – add value to your next employer

Good luck producing your best CV and hopefully this will help you get your foot through the door.

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