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How to position your business as an employer of choice

by Heat Recruitment

With the new year jobs rush in full swing, it’s not just the candidates who are competing against each other – employers too are vying with one another to ensure they attract the best talent to join their business. But it’s not easy. With a huge number of similar businesses all attempting to attract the same talent, the differentiator comes down to branding – which business best represents the candidate’s values, and appears to be a strong career move?

So, as someone looking to secure their future talent pipeline, how you can raise your brand profile and position yourself as an employer of choice?

Any organisation that wants to establish itself as a great place to work, firstly needs to look internally – addressing three questions:

  • What is the retention rate for current employees?
  • Why do people leave your organisation to go elsewhere?
  • What is the current employee satisfaction rate?

Positioning yourself as a brand, and therefore an employer, of choice requires a detailed look at the employee experience from start to finish – from the recruitment process to when they decide to leave the company. The ideal end result here is to identify any shortcomings or specific USPs to push your organisation ahead of the competition. If no USPs are forthcoming, then they must be developed.

The second stage, once you have attracted the best talent and got them onboard, is that of retention. Your employees are part of your brand, so understanding their views of the business and its culture will help you hold on to incoming staff.

This might seem an obvious one, but a key means of becoming an employer of choice, particularly when recruiting, is telling candidates what the salary range is. This shows you are honest and transparent, and helps determine what skillset and level of experience you are looking for without wasting time. In fact, statistics show that job adverts which state the salary on offer receive a higher click-through and application rate than those that don’t.

In addition to this, being explicit about the actual benefits package on offer is vital. Don’t make the obvious mistake of having candidates jump through hoops to find even the most basic information – the process should be seamless. Do you offer any training and development? What about other staff benefits – free parking, flexible working, private medical insurance or a good pension scheme, perhaps? However small the benefits may seem they all add to the overall package.

The vision and values of your organisation should be reflected across all your communication platforms, not just during the recruitment process. Talk about the history and story of the organisation, why do you do what you do? Getting this right will ensure that you employ people with similar values who are motivated to achieve your vision.

Awards are another effective means of promoting businesses as an employer of choice. Do you have an Investors in People accreditation? Or have you previously won The Times Top 100 Best Companies to work for? Make sure these accolades are as visible as possible – especially if they’re ones your competition doesn’t have.

Research shows that 92% of people trust consumer recommendations, even people they don’t know. Word of mouth is clearly the most effective form of brand building – happy employees often share and promote your brand to their own network, increasing the effectiveness of your recruitment process as a result.

Effective recruitment can often be a time-consuming process. In today’s highly competitive business landscape, it’s no longer enough to put an advert up online and wait for the talent to come to you.

At Heat we strive to find the perfect fit, ensuring you only bring the best talent to your team. You can submit a vacancy for our team of specialised recruitment consultants to find just the right candidate.  

By Ross Bennett