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How to make sure your workplace culture is positively impacting your team when working from home

by Heat Recruitment

Company culture is such an important part of a successful business. And as businesses have recently learned to adapt to more flexible working conditions and home working, keeping your workplace culture intact becomes even more vital.

Working from home presents its own range of challenges that differ for each individual but, as a company, you can make efforts to add a bit of normality and escape for your employees. To help with this, we’ve suggested a few ways you can maintain a positive workplace culture.

Importance of Team Building

Modern technology means that you can still conduct team building activities even when your workforce is based in remote locations. By making effective use of video platforms, businesses can set clear tasks for teams of people to complete and solve virtually in order to build on their skills and work together. Not all team building activities need to be skills-based.

It’s well worth organising virtual meetups to allow the workforce to maintain balance, normality and a positive culture and morale even from remote locations. Virtual coffee mornings, lunchtime chats and online team quizzes are just some of the ways businesses can do this. Doing so will allow your employees to have some kind of workplace culture which in turn, will not only positively impact their mental health but also increase camaraderie.

Employee Motivation

Having a positive workplace culture is also directly linked to the motivation employees receive from their day-to-day work. Whether it be from fellow employees or management, it’s important to reward small wins and encourage further creativity and loyalty from your team.

Motivation comes in all shapes and sizes, from small goals to add a competitive edge to tasks. While 75% of people who work from home do so because of fewer distractions, a strong sense of motivation and job satisfaction helps to improve workplace culture not just between employees but also between employees and management.

Happiness and Normality

Developing a remote workplace culture is also important to keep a sense of normality between the workforce. Ensuring people are happy and mentally well is essential when attempting to maintain a positive workplace culture. This can be achieved, in large part, by rigidly keeping to a set routine. Regular team meetings will create a new normality to the everyday workday, while personal check-ins with employees can help to keep on top of happiness levels.

What is most important when looking to keep a positive workplace culture is really showing people that you care as a business leader. Whether it’s celebrating small wins like all tasks being completed at the end of a week or taking 10 minutes out of your day to check in on a staff member, higher levels of morale and productivity are achieved when the company culture is front of mind.


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