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How to improve diversity in your corporation

by Heat Recruitment

Diversity initiatives are proliferating across the UK with the purpose of improving minority representation. The reasons are often personal to the corporation, but many employees want to work for a company that welcomes and builds up all cultures. So, what are the practical methods that you can utilise to improve the diversity levels of your business?

  1. Identify your pain points

A common misconception is that improving diversity in your corporation means just hiring more women. Of course, it’s not that binary. Minority groups include, but are not limited to, LGBTQ+ members of the community, BAME groups, disabled workersand senior workers, for example.

The key to a good action plan is to identify where it isthatyou’re lacking – it could be the case that your company is made up of 80 per cent women, and that you need to attract more male members of the community. Once you’ve analysed your current company and identified your pain points you can target your effortsmuch more efficiently.

  1. Interview a diverse range of people

It may seem simple, but many attraction issues happen at the point of hiring. After all, if you find yourself only interviewing white, middle aged men, you’re only going to hire those candidates. Ensure that you take a wide variety of candidates to your interview stage – over-reliance on the CV can be detrimental to your recruitingprocess. The soft skills, personal experiences and personality of the candidate should alsobe taken into account.

The use of quotas has been a popular implementation in business, particularly for larger corporations. It really is trial and error. Bear in mind what works for Coca-Cola, may not work for your firm– but it’s definitely worth a try! 

  1. Implement diversity training

Once your hiring methods have been made diversity-aware, you can begin to tackle the issue internally. The lack of diversity in your business could very well be down to unconscious biases that exist in the minds of your team, HR or management. Unconsciousbias training is something that is being implemented by many companies. Google,for example,aims to train their team of over60,000+ people in this area.

Educating employees about different cultures, practices and viewpoints is keyto encouragingtrueinclusion.The trick to implementing these training programmes is to be active rather than reactive. Companies such as Starbucks and Papa Johns are just a fewcompanies who have been called to account for racist or inappropriate actions.Introducing training after you’ve made mistakes will never attractcandidates. It’s best to be a company that is proactively including it in your culturefrom day one.

  1. Alter your company values and principles

Sometimes it’s not enough to walk the walk, you have to talk the talk too. Paying lip service to a problem will only get you so far in your progression practices. If a diverse team is what you want, you must embody this and embed it into your company culture.

Celebrating days such as Gay Pride with your LGBT+ employees andaiding your Muslim staff through Ramadan are just a few examples of how you can truly recognisekey distinctionsand celebratethem as a company. The buck doesn’t stop with hiring diverse talent, you must grow, support and communicate with people– taking into consideration their individual needs. If you are hiring more women, you may need to be more flexible due to parenting commitments. These are all considerations that will be taken into account on a case-by-case basisto fully satisfy all members of the team.

  1. Hire a professional diversity expert

Chief Diversity Officersare certainly a rapidly growing profession. Large-scale companies, such as the BBC, are implementing these job roles. Not only to highlight the importance of diversity, but also to keep a handle on it. If diversity is something you want to achieve in your company,then it can be treated as a high priority target. After all, you would hire a team leader to guide a team to success and educate staff on this area of the business – why not do the same for diversity?

  1. Vocalise your diversity principlesloud and proud

As mentioned, diversity is not just a short-term goal, it’s a forever goal and needs to be established into the core of your business. If you have done this, there is no shame in shouting about it. Utilise your social media and blog content to raise awareness of your principles. Write a press release outlining how you have increased diversity ratios. Raising awareness of this great priority is a sure-fire way to attract an even wider range of candidates who want to work for a company that champions them.

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by Hollie Thomas