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How to identify a good employer

by Heat Recruitment

The job market is tough enough, so when you’re searching for a role that is going to take up 40 hours of your week, you want it to be a good one, correct?

So, what are the marker points that can help you identify the good from the bad, the pretty from the downright ugly? It’s simple.

  1. The job ad

Somebody once said never judge a book by its cover, but actually first impressions when a company is looking to hire, are the most important. For you, that’s the job ad. Chances are, great companies are going to spend a bit longer perfecting these – not for you, but to ensure they themselves find the best candidate for the role.

However, you can benefit from this too. A bit more effort in an ad translates to specified roles, responsibilities, salary inclinations, perhaps even a little bit of humour. Chances are, if you spot a copy and paste job, the company has invested less time into it and therefore you.

  1. Perks

What’s in it for you? That, in many ways, is the most important question you should be asking yourself during the job hunt. Don’t feel guilty, half of UK workers say employee benefits would make them feel happier at work. Remember it’s your job, and you’re working to better yourself ultimately.

With that in mind, don’t be afraid to seek an employer that has perks that are more relevant to your desires. There has been a shift away from monetary-focused perks and a greater emphasis on flexible working, team social events and unlimited holiday in recent years, and this shows no sign of abating.

The skilled candidate has never had more power in an over-saturated labour market, so don’t be afraid to tailor your choices when searching. That way, you will find the best employer for you.

  1. Company Culture

Work perks add to a great company culture, but consistency is key! There are many questions you can ask yourself to ensure a match made in heaven for you and your employer. Does the company match your ethics (do they champion diversity, recycle, offer wellbeing schemes, maternity packages etc.)?

Do they promote your professional profile, and allow you to grow? Whether it’s through advancement programmes, training packages or allowing you to represent the company at events and internal meetings, doing your research into these questions through a company’s website or social media pages for example, will help you identify whether they excel in these areas.

A wonderful tell to this is a company’s people page. If a company is great, their team is great, and they will want to shout about it. Also, if an employee has been with a company for over five years, they are likely to want to plaster it on the team page of their website.

Research Shows 30 percent of people have left new roles within 90 days of starting, due to dissatisfaction. Long-standing employees are one of the best and most reliable signs of a great employer. Simple.

  1. Use a recruiter

If you’re still struggling to pin down whether that job role is coming from the holy grail of employers, don’t panic. There is a multi-billion-pound industry dedicated to sourcing this information for you. Not only are recruiters trained and primed to match your personality to a company, they can refine a shortlist based exactly on what you want from them.

On top of that, they can set up the interview, prep you for it and help you on your way to that dream job.

If that sounds like something you could benefit from and you are interested in working in the following industries: EngineeringFinancial Services, InsuranceInformation Technology and Legal, then get in touch with Heat Recruitment today.