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How to hand in your Notice – #NCW2017

by Chris Birtle

How to Resign – Resigning calls for diplomacy, good sense, calmness, deep consideration and strength of character.

Chris Birtle the Sales Manager at Heat Recruitment advises us on how to prepare to hand in your notice and the importance of staying professional at all times.


1. Tell your boss (or whoever you report to) face to face that you’re leaving the company and ask what you can do to wrap things up before you finish working with them.

2. Keep your resignation short, sweet and polite. Remember a letter of resignation is the last reflection of your character. So make it graceful and professional.

3. Give your company the required notice.

4. As you finish up your job, try to remain focused on the job and do everything you can to help your soon to be ex-Company with the transition of your work to whoever will be doing your job next. Be as cooperative as you can be and make sure they know that you’re keen to complete any outstanding work to the best of your ability.

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