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How to get the Best Outcome from your Interview, Part 2 – #NCW2017

by Chris Birtle

Make sure that you are prepared for difficult questions, remember being over prepared is the aim of the game.

Write down your Strengths and Weaknesses
Plan out a response for why you think you would be good for the role
Research the company fully
Prepare Competency based answer using STAR technique


Make a list of possible questions you might be asked and prepare your answers

  • Your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Breakdown the specific duties in your current role.
  • Past Achievements – work related and personal.
  • Reasons for leaving your current position – do not be negative!
  • Which aspects of the potential job appeal to you the most!


Describe your accomplishments and how you feel they could apply to the prospective role.

Always conduct yourself as though you are determined to get the job you are discussing. Never close the door on an opportunity.

Avoid enquiring about salary, holidays and bonuses at the initial interview unless you are positive the interviewer wants to hire you. You should, however, know your market worth and be prepared to specify your required salary and salary range.


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